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Disinfo News: Russia Today Now Faces 10 Media Ethics Investigations in Britain

By Polygraph Russian President Vladimir Putin and RT’s Editor-in-Chief of RT Margarita Simonyan attend an exhibition marking RT’s 10th anniversary in Moscow, December 10, 2015 Since the Salisbury poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, the British media regulator Ofcom says there has been “a significant increase” of questionable programming coming out of Russia. This week, Ofcom opened three new investigations into the Russian government-owned channel RT. The

Russia Today video has Father Frost tying up Santa Claus, forcing US сhild to recite poetry

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia In “celebration” of Western Christmas, Russia oday featured a video clip showing an American child putting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus, then waking up and discovering that Russia’s Father Frost has tied Santa Claus up in the kitchen and being forced to recite some Russian poetry. At the end of the clip, the following words appear: “We’ve hacked Christmas!” with the signature

Irony Dies Again as Russia Today Launches Fake-News Debunker

In case anyone needed a reminder that we’re living in strange times: Russia Today has launched a fake-news debunking site. The Kremlin-backed news organization, a notorious propaganda purveyor in its own right, announced the site — called FakeCheck — on Wednesday. It wrote: In a post-truth world, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fake news. RT’s new special project, FakeCheck, helps you to separate fact

How Russia Today lost a bank account, but won a battle in the war of words

James Rodgers, for The Conversation As any reporter knows, there are at least two sides to every story. Covering politics, war, or diplomacy can involve grappling with numerous viewpoints in an attempt to get a version of the truth for your audience. Where journalism crashes into propaganda the truth is often hard to find in the wreckage. Then, perception is everything – and interpretation usually depends on the onlooker’s viewpoint.

Irony Alert: Russia Today Slams Media Outlets Too Close To Power

Notorious propaganda outfit Russia Today is running commercials bashing the media for being too cozy with power? No, really. In an ad airing on RT’s Policking With Larry King, journalist Erin Ade promoted the network: “When politicians and the mainstream media work side-by-side, the joke is actually on you. At RT News, we have a different approach.” Russia Today has been called “the Kremlin’s propaganda outfit” by the Columbia Journalism Review. It’s also funded

Russia Today Airs Bizarre Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton

RT, or Russia Today, the overseas propaganda network of Vladimir Putin, is not known for its fealty to reality or basic standards of journalism. As The New Republic and Tablet contributor Michael Moynihan has documented, whether it’s attempting to obscure the mass murder of Syrian civilians by Russian ally Bashar al-Assad, featuring conspiracy theorists as experts, claiming 9/11 was an inside job, suggesting the Rothschilds were behind the disappearance of

Russia Today to launch a French-language news channel in Africa

The public Russian television, Russia Today (RT) is planning to introduce a French version of its news channel in Africa. The Russian channel will first broadcast via internet box and satellite. The announcement was made by Irakly Gachechiladze, the ex-deputy news editor of RT who is now in charge of the RT French version since the beginning of the year. Gachechiladze revealed that the channel is still a video stream

Is Ukraine Tomorrow the New Russia Today?

The July 15th announcement that Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has submitted draft legislation to launch a new state-owned foreign broadcasting channel, Ukraine Tomorrow, appears to have turned few heads in the West, with pundits predominately focused on renewed tensions on the battlefield rather than the war of words being fought between Russia and Ukraine. The new station, to be launched in record time in September 2015, is an initiative stemming

Russia Today not welcome in Latvia

Kremlin propaganda TV channel Russia Today has been refused permission to set up shop in Latvia, the LETA news agency reported Friday. The official Register of Enterprises has decided not to enter the Russian state-owned ‘information agency’ Russia Today in the list of representations registered in Latvia, the Register of Enterprises told LETA. The decision was taken by a state notary of the Register of Enterprises who also concluded that

‘Virtual Civil War’ Going on in Russia Today, Moscow Sociologist Says

Only 25 to 30 percent of Russians actively profession Putin’s national-patriotic ideology, but far fewer, ten to 15 percent are “convinced liberals, Leonty Byzov says. This division, far deeper than in the past, means that “a virtual civil war” is going on in Russia, one that could in a short time explode, Those in between the two groups, the senior scholar at the Moscow Institute of Sociology says, for the

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