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Swindler and “Actress on Tour” Mariya Tsypko Came out with a New Role

Information about a certain charitable foundation of New Martyrs and Confessors of Christ has been spreading on the territory of so-called Donetsk People Republic (DPR) for several months. It is said on the site of this foundation that it started as far back as in 1995. However, the site itself, pages in social networks and information about this foundation appeared only this year, precisely when a myth about “Donetsk and

“Actress on tour” Tsypko called herself a Donetsk lawyer and told about shooting a family in Kramatorsk

Maria Tsypko, a famous supporter of Donetsk and Luhansk separatists, who appears regularly on Russian TV channels with the most extraordinary stories and plays every time a different role, testified “atrocities” of the Ukrainian army. For this time, Tsypko called herself a lawyer from Donetsk. Appearing in the program “The moment of truth” on Russian Channel 5, she told about the family of a citizen soldier nicknamed “Lynx” that was

Famous “actress on tour” Tsypko played a part of a victim of the Odesa tragedy

June 21 TV channel Russia One on the air of “Vesti” program showed a news item concerning investigation of the incidents in Odesa on May 2 when around 40 people had perished. Once again already famous “actress on tour” Mariya Tsypko appeared in this news item. She had showed up previously in different Ukrainian cities as a local resident, a victim or an eyewitness of Ukrainian army “atrocities”. In this

From Russia: coordinated clickbait

By Michael Sheldon, for @DFRLab On March 26, Facebook removed 2632 pages, groups, and accounts from its platforms, accusing them of inauthentic behavior. The largest subset of these, as outlined in a Facebook newsroom post, was a collection of 1907 pages, groups, and accounts linked to Russia. The DFRLab had the opportunity to briefly look at some of these 1907 assets in advance. Facebook asserted in a blog post that the assets were removed

Russian reporter fibs about Ukrainian delegation at the Council of Europe

By Polygraph Olga Skabeyeva Russian talk show co-host “People rallied, with bloodshot eyes, pronounced these words, looking me in the eye: ‘Death to the enemy, death to Russia, death to you’.” Source: 60 Minutes FALSE Members of the Ukrainian delegation didn’t say “death to Russia” or “death to you.” On October 9, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) discussed restoring Russia’s voting rights in the body, which were revoked

What do Russian nationalists, Alex Jones and Roseanne have in common?

By Polygraph Ya Russkiy Website “This is George Soros. Remember this next time the Soros-funded liberals call you a racist, fascist or Nazi.” Source:, April 22, 2016 FALSE The man in the picture is Oskar Groening. Still, the narrative is very popular in Russia American businessman and philanthropist George Soros is a frequent target of pieces posted by the Ya Russkiy website, which calls itself a news and media organization.

A pre-history of post-truth, East and West

By Marci Shore, Eurozine Postmodernism was conceived largely by the Left as a safeguard against totalizing ideologies. Yet today, it has been appropriated on behalf of an encroaching neo-totalitarianism of the Right. Is French literary theory to blame? And can a philosophy of dissent developed in communist eastern Europe offer an antidote? In 2014, Russian historian Andrei Zubov was fired from his Moscow professorship for comparing Putin’s annexation of Crimea

Moscow TV Round-Up: Propaganda and Patriotism

By Mark H. Teeter, The Moscow Times It’s propaganda, piracy and patriotism week on Moscow TV, as small-screen viewers are treated to fine documentary and feature films that offer everyone from concerned flag-wavers to potential buccaneers some new and enlightening perspectives on all three P’s. Here’s the where and when: What was the last time you saw Russia-targeted American propaganda featured on Moscow TV? Same here. On MONDAY, however, Kultura’s

Portrait of a botnet: Uncovering a network of fake Trump supporters set up to make money from clicks

By Ben Nimmo, AtlanticCouncil’s Digital Forensic Research Lab On February 20, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died unexpectedly in New York. One minute after the news broke on the website of Kremlin broadcaster RT, and a minute before RT managed to tweet the news, a slew of Twitter accounts posted the newsflash with an identical “breaking news” caption. Most of the accounts had a number of features

From Russia With Love

Love FM’s “News from Russia” just announced that it would stop publishing the “news” due to what it said was “pressure” (read: transparency) and “lack of free speech” (read: free speech) in Finland. A radio station in Finland with murky ownership and an unclear management structure is broadcasting pro-Kremlin propaganda, apparently produced by Finns based in Russian-occupied Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The radio station, Love FM, carries mostly harmless pop music,

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