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Fake: Poles Demand Autonomy from Kyiv

Russian media regularly disseminate fake stories about regional autonomy in Ukraine. The latest version of this favorite theme concerns the Polish minority in western Ukrainian, who according to Russian media are demanding economic autonomy and closer integration with Poland. NTV, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Vesti,, Komsomolskaya Pravda and other Russian media all published versions of this fake story. The obscure web site first published this fake story in a text

Fake: Ukraine’s Gagauz minority demand autonomy

National minority demands for autonomy, a staple of Russian fakes about Ukraine, made a comeback this week with the claim that the Turkic minority of Gagauz people in the Odesa region are demanding autonomy. announced that the Gagauz Union of Ukraine asked President Poroshenko to create a Gagauz territorial autonomy in Odesa oblast. The union posted this appeal on their page on the Vkontakte Russian social media site, claims

Fake: Bukovina Romanians Demand Territorial Autonomy from Ukraine

The Ukrainski Novyny news site published a story claiming that Romanians living in the Bukovina region of Ukraine are demanding autonomy. The Assembly of Bukovina  Romanians has written to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko asking that he grant territorial autonomy to Romanians living in the Chernivsti region of Ukraine.  The President’s decision to grant territorial autonomy for the Crimean Tatars has created a legal and political precedent whereby all national minorities

Fake: Several Ukrainian Oblasts Demand Autonomy

Russian state owned Rossiya 24 television channel broadcast a report claiming that four Ukrainian regions were demanding autonomy from Kyiv. The regions featured in the fake Rossiya 24 story are the western Ukrainian Khmelnycky oblast, Zhytomyr and Kirovohrad oblasts in central Ukraine and the southern Odesa province. Rossiya 24’s claims were quickly picked up by, Channel 5, TVC, the sites and In fact none of the regions

Fake Document on Crimean Tatar Autonomy

Russian media are claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko aims to establish a Crimean Tatar autonomy in the southeastern Ukrainian province of Kherson and populate the region with resettled Crimean Tatars and Turks. The source for this claim is an alleged draft presidential decree discovered on secure administration sited and published by Kyberberkut, a site  that is notorious for publishing fake documents. In the past StopFake has debunked several Kyberberkut

Fake: Transcarpathia Demands Autonomy from Kyiv

On April 7 Russian news website published a news item claiming that the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine was demanding autonomy. The source of this claim is an April 5 Transcacarpathian oblast council decision in which regional representatives are  allegedly “demanding that Transcarpathia be recognized as a special self-governing administrative territory and that the country’s constitution should be amended without delay to reflect this.” The Transcarpathian regional council as well

Fake: Bukovinian Romanians Demand Autonomy

In late July, Russian and Ukrainian media falsely reported that the self-described Assembly of Bukovina Romanians in Chernivtsi had demanded autonomy and a special status for Romanians in Ukraine. This was reported by Ukraine’s Argumenty i Fakty, Kommentarii, and Russia’s Russia Today, Izvestiya and Sputnik, as well as by International Business Times. The unconfirmed information first appeared on the obscure site, It was then picked up by Korrespondent, and

Fake: Russinians Demand Autonomy

The Podrobnosti site has falsely reported that Carpatho-Russinians held a meeting on May 22 in Kiev. It ran with the headline “Carpatho-Russinians Require from Poroshenko a Status Similar to DPR.” The site claims that the group demanded that they be granted a special autonomous status and that a certain Andrey Yurik acted as one of the representatives of the movement. This in turn was spread by a number of Russian

Fake: Bessarabia Proclaims Autonomy

On May 16, Russian and Ukrainian media falsely reported that the second congress of the Bessarabia People’s Council had taken place in Odesa and that the congress had called for the autonomy of Bessarabia. According to the reports, Vera Shevchenko, listed as the leader of the Bessarabia People’s Council, made a direct appeal to Ukraine’s parliament. The sources give direct Shevchenko’s citations. The Russian site reported about Shevchenko’s participation

Fake: Inhabitants of Rivne Oblast Village Want Autonomy and Visa Regime

The Russia-24 channel falsely reported that inhabitants of the small village of Berezove in Rivne Oblast demanded autonomy for their village and were going to introduce a visa regime. It was also reported that the town was under Right Sector’s control, and as a consequence, the area police were powerless. The news was picked up by several Russian sites and was also spread by the social network Vkontakte. “They insulate

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