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LifeNews Airs Counterfeited Document to Link Nonexistent USAID Project with Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers

In late July, the Russian television channel LifeNews aired a false report with the headline, “Kiev Will Entice Militia Men with the Help of an American USAID Program.” During the broadcast, it showed a supporting document, allegedly from Ukrainian government officials about the “Helping Hand” program, which is supposedly to be run by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). LifeNews claimed that the document, dated July 8, 2015,

Lifenews Misinforms about “Desertion” of General

On June 22, the Russian television channel Lifenews informed its viewers that Alexander Kolomiets, a Ukrainian Major-General in the reserves, had deserted his position in order to join the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” But Lifenews completely mislead about the actual standing of the deserter, presenting him as an acting assistant secretary of defense in Ukraine. The report stated: “Kolomiets decided to interrupt his successful career, and he evacuated his family

LifeNews’ Fake: Russian Drummer from “Metal Corrosion” Forced to Serve in Azov Battalion

The Russian website LifeNews reported that the drummer of the Russian band “Коррозия металла” (Metal Corrosion), Andrey Martynenkov, was forced into Ukrainian military service and to serve in a musical platoon of the voluntary Azov regiment. The source of this information was not Martynenkov himself, but the leader of the band, Sergey Troitskiy. “They seized the drummer directly on the street, during his visit to relatives in Rovno,” Troitskiy said.

LifeNews’ Fake: The Ukrainian Defense Ministry Acknowledges Failure of Mobilization

On February 2, 2015, Russia’s LifeNews television channel broke the news that Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak had confirmed the failure of the country’s mobilization efforts and complained that no more than 20% of its recruits are ready to participate in military operation in Donbas. This is not accurate. What in fact the Defense Minister said was that 20% of the necessary number of mobilized troops wants to go to

Journalists call for Signing the Petition for Revoking International Prize of World Summit Award Mobile given to LifeNews

Statement We, representatives of the Ukrainian and international media community, are appalled by the decision of the World Summit Award Mobile jury to award Russian TV channel LifeNews for one of its mobile applications. We would like to remind everyone that, in recent years, especially after Ukraine’s Euromaidan events and Russia’s subsequent annexation of the Crimea and military aggression in eastern Ukraine, LifeNews has become an obvious instrument of the Russian government’s propaganda and information

LifeNews, Vesti and Others. Is the Propaganda a Crime?

In the today’s war the media confirmed to have the status of the fourth estate. But the estate, which is not burdened with obligations or responsibilities, Artem Afian says in his blog on Propaganda, is undoubtedly one of the pillars of today’s war. All of these tanks, machine guns, ribbons would remain simple props without absurd and hysterical scenes of Russian and pro-Russian media. Beating the LifeNews correspondent, smashing

The lie of LifeNews: Images of Ukrainian Army Bombardment in Ilovaisk

The Russian TV channel LifeNews manipulates video images in order to falsely accuse the Ukrainian military of the deliberate extermination of Donbas civilians. On August 19 LifeNews showed a “news item” about the battle for the Ukrainian town of Ilovaisk.  According to Russian journalists, the Ukrainian army has been firing at the town’s residential areas using grenade launchers, mortars and heavy machine guns. Moreover, LifeNews claims that the Ukrainian TV channel

Fake: a LifeNews journalist directed the fire of separatists

A report about one of the journalists of the Russian TV channel LifeNews coordinating the DPR militants’ fire at Ukrainian positions has been spread throughout the Network lately. Such a conclusion was made because this very channel was the first to show the video where a cameraman indicated targets for the militants. That’s why this video got on-screen graphic of LifeNews.

Lie: Lifenews uploaded their story about shooting in Slovyansk on Youtube before it actually happened

StopFake team considers it is important to mention that we have suspicions towards Russian media statements, especially LifeNews, regarding events in Slovyansk, because we feel like they have used extremely dubious arguments. However, the main argument that is currently used against LifeNews is not correct either. Opinion that states that the story about shooting in Slovyansk was uploaded on Youtube on the 19th April, when the actual events happened on lies about 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment desertion into Crimea Autonomy side

On the 4th of March announced an urgent message about readiness of Ukrainian soldiers and local population to defend Crimea . Supposedly 3 Ukrainian air defense regiment, 800 soldiers and officers announced this message. website also announced, that military regiments, located in Evparotia, Feodosia and Fiolenta changed over into Crimea’s side. Earlier on, 30 Ukrainian air-defense crews already took the side of Crimea,  says Aleksandr Markin, executive of military base

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