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Fake: Georgian Snipers Shot Maidan Demonstrators

The fourth anniversary of Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution is not only an important historical milestone for the country; it is also a significant disinformation opportunity for the Kremlin propaganda machine. Vesti nedeli  (News of the Week),  a weekly current affairs show on the state run Rossiya 1 television network and its presenter, Russia’s main spin doctor and TV commentator Dimitry Kiselyov took full advantage of the anniversary to claim the Maidan

Fake: American Snipers in the Donbas

Russian media is awash with stories that American snipers  are fighting on the Ukrainian side in the eastern occupied territories.  The source for this claim is the intelligence service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and its spokesman Eduard Basurin. The video broadcast on Russian national television channel REN TV shows Basurin reading from a piece of paper, announcing that the DPR intelligence service has located snipers who arrived

Member of Polish Parliament Lies about Maidan Snipers

Several Russian media came out with headlines, such as “Snipers on Maidan Were Trained in Poland for American Money.” This sensational news was based on an interview with Polish presidential candidate and member of parliament, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, in the newspaper Wiadomosci, during which he made two false statements. The politician’s quote is translated correctly, though he is making up the facts: “In the European Parliament I was sitting near Urmas

Reuters did not Report that People on Maidan were Killed by Opposition’s Snipers

On October 13, website posted the information that journalists of world-known Reuters news agency conducted an investigation of murders at Maydan in Kyiv in February 2014 and allegedly came to the conclusion that people there were killed by opposition snipers. This news (with reference to appeared on other sites and social networks as well. However, this information does not correspond to reality. Website refers to an article

Russian mass media produced the next dose of fakes about snipers on Maidan

TV-channel Russia-1 demonstrated another news item, which is supposed to prove that snipers killing people during the tragic events in February on Maidan were the members of the Right Sector (the news item starts from 1:08:30): As an argument, journalists adduce a statement of the fugitive former Head of the Ukrainian Security Service Oleksandr Yakimenko, who claims that the shots were being fired from the Philharmonic building, at that time

They say snipers that were shooting at Maydan are snipers shooting in Simferopol

Russian TV channel «Mir 2» erroneously reported that the General Prosecutor of Ukraine detained snipers shooting in Simferopol. As you may recall the incident happened in the evening of 18th March. A sniper was shooting in two directions from an unfinished building located near the military unit. Two people were killed as a result. In their story on “Mir 2” they are referring to the “RIA News” report, which in

Urmas Paet Did Not Confirm That Snipers Were Hired by Leaders of Maidan

The recording of conversation of the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton where Paet retells the story of snipers shooting both sides was posted on internet. The recording of phone talk of Paet and Ashton was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday by the user named «Expertise Centre of the Russian Federation». The clip was accompanied by the message, according to which

Faces of Western women

By EU vs Disinfo The EU is the place for women to be. And numerous initiatives taken up by EU institutions are helping women advance in their professional lives and develop personally. However, the way pro-Kremlin outlets see it – being a woman in the West is no piece of cake. Women, especially Western women, are often in the scope of pro-Kremlin disinformation. For example, in the well-known disinformation narrative about the inevitable Islamisation

How Kremlin uses the “European field” to win the propaganda game

By Viktor Denisenko, in cooperation with Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, for StopFake On February 23, 2018, the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania blocked the transmission of RTR Planeta – a Russian-state television channel – for 12 months. RTR Planeta was already temporarily banned in Lithuania twice before for one- and three- month periods respectively. Similarly, other Russian-state channels have also faced similar fate before. Even today, 27 years

Manipulation: Ukrainian Military Can’t Handle American Weapons

On April 10 scores of Russian media featured stories claiming Ukraine’s armed forces were not able to handle American arms. RIA Novosti, Moskovskyi Komsomolets, Vesti, Novostnoy Front and many others completely misquoted former Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Roman Bezsmertnyi’s interview on channel NewsOne. Russian publications not only misquoted Bezsmertnyi, they also took the bulk of what he said out of context, conveniently omitting details that provided a full picture of

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