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Kremlin narratives on Crimea resurface in German election debate

This article is part of ECFR’s Wider Europe Forum By Andreas Umland, for European Council of Foreign Relations For the future of Ukraine, what Germany thinks and does really matters. Last month, the German election campaign saw an unexpected statement by the leader of Germany’s liberals, Christian Lindner. The chair of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) – a centre-right force hitherto known for its hawkish stance in support of international law

The Daily Vertical: Federalize This! (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, RFE\RL Russia’s official name is now officially a fiction. The Russian Federation has now completely ceased to be anything remotely resembling a federation. When an agreement allowing Tatarstan limited autonomy, including control over its resources and budget and special status for the Tatar language, expired this week, it marked the final death of any pretense of federalism in Russia. When Vladimir Putin came to power 17 years

The Desperation of Stephen Cohen

Jim Kovpak Russia’s foreign language propaganda outlets have long had a problem getting real experts to go to bat for the Kremlin. Most times they rely on some blogger or “independent journalist” and  call them “political analysts.” As such, Stephen Cohen, a Putin apologist with an actual academic pedigree, is often lauded by pro-Russian media as a “real” expert on Russia. What they forget is that a PhD is not

Leonid Ragozin, Codastory: Brothers in Arms

Why Russian ultranationalists confronted their own government on the battlefields of Ukraine Text by Leonid Ragozin, illustrations by Aleksandra Krasutskaya, for CodaStory On a snowy January day in 2016, a small crowd assembled in central Kiev to honor the fight against the far right. The gathering of diehard anti-fascists was commemorating the 2009 murder of the Russian lawyer Stanislav Markelov, who’d defended activists and victims of the Russian military, and the

The ‘Russian World’ in Germany

By Nikolai Mitrokhin, Eurozine Pro-Kremlin propaganda spread through social media is causing a shift to the far-Right among Germany’s native Russian population. Nikolai Mitrokhin considers the implications for German politics in advance of the September elections. On 16 May 2017, the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko introduced sanctions against a large number of Russian individuals and legal entities, most prominently the major Russian social networks, search engines, email providers and antivirus

Fake: Ukraine Begins Repression of Hungarians in Transcarpathia

Russian sites, Holos UA,TASS, published a story this week claiming that Hungarians living in the Ukrainian region of Transcarpathia were declaring autonomy and the Ukrainian Security Service was detaining and persecuting the activists involved. Russian site claimed that two community leaders erected signs in Hungarian greeting visitors and proclaiming the territory as the realm of the Hungarian language. The Transcarpathia Society of Hungarian Culture and the Democratic

Moscow Outlet Describes How Russia Should Break Up Each of the Baltic Countries

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Arguing that the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are more russophobic than any other nation in the world, the Russian propaganda site, SputnikPogrom, outlines how Moscow must work to split up the three countries into smaller units dominated by ethnic and linguistic minorities to put them on course for reabsorption into a Russian empire. The 3500-word unsigned article entitled “How We Will Reorganize the Baltic

We are not paid agents of Russia, we do it out of conviction

We have found a Jobbik activist, a young communist, a Russian convicted of vandalism and a neo-Nazi among the anonymous editors of one of the best known Russian propaganda pages of Facebook, which is proof that Moscow has assistants on both the far-right and the far-left. What’s more, their reach extends even higher: one active proponents of the cause had been a diplomat at the Foreign Ministry before 2013. Koba

Fake: Volyn And Vinnytsia Could Secede From Ukraine

Regional autonomy and local separatism are favorite topics of the Russian disinformation machine. The latest example of this theme is a story disseminated by Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian media claiming that Volyn’, a northwestern Ukrainian region and Vinnytsia, President Poroshenko’s home town want to secede from Ukraine. The source for this fake story is a Ukrainian Army battalion commander. Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda,, Vesti, Novostnoe Agentstvo Kharkov

Shades of Red Putinism: Pro-Russian far-left parties in Europe

By Lóránt Győri, Péter Krekó, for The Riga Conference While a lot of attention has been dedicated to the relationship between Moscow and the far-right parties in Europe,[1] this paper aims to shed some light on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Despite increasingly promoting conservatism, traditionalism, and family values,[2] and defining Russia as a global “moral compass” built on those values,[3] the Putin regime seem to reboot the

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