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Moscow is getting ready for a hybrid war with Lithuania. Is the Polish minority going to be the flashpoint?

Another series of Russian provocations involving the Baltic states, related to the Ukraine war, makes so called hybrid war scenario more and more realistic within the region of the Baltic Sea. The incidents that took place so far, such as the Internet existence of “People’s Republic of Vilnius” or the hooligan attacks on the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, seem to suggest that the Kremlin is going to use the Polish

CNN’s Carol Costello apologizes for providing Moscow with invaluable propaganda

Western observers of the increasingly deadly conflict in eastern Ukraine between the separatist forces armed and supported by Russian troops and soldiers loyal to Kiev have long opposed the practice of dubbing the insurgents “pro-Russian forces.” It is an epithet that misleads and obscures more than it illuminates. Those supposed “separatists” largely did not exist before Russia manufactured them. They sprang up from obscurity just as Russia sought to destabilize

In Moscow, A New Eurasianism

Being a Kremlin mandarin has its perks. In addition to a walnut finished office in Moscow’s Old Square which might have belonged to Brezhnev, or a bay windowed view of the Spassky Gate; in addition to being able to plow through rush hour traffic with a blue flashing migalka on top of your black chauffered Audi; in addition to the palatial dacha, the bank of retro-looking vertushki phones within easy

Fake: The USA has Deployed 400 US Mercenaries on Ukrainian soil

28 January, the website LiveLeak posted news with a headline “Poroshenko’s Claims on Russian Troops in Ukraine found to be Fallacious”. Article ignores the fact of Russian troop’s presence in Ukraine, and falsely mentions about US mercenaries fighting against “rebels” in Ukraine. They were allegedly hired by the government from a security firm, Academi. According to them, the reason they were hired was to help fight against Ukrainian rebels and

Sergey Karaganov: The man behind Putin’s pugnacity

Sergey Karaganov breaks into a broad smile when asked why his two-decades-old ideas about Moscow “protecting” Russian speakers abroad are suddenly the centre of his country’s foreign policy. “Because almost everything I have said, happened,” Mr. Karaganov said in an interview in his high-ceilinged office in the historic Kitai-Gorod district of Moscow, a short walk from Red Square. It’s Vladimir Putin who has made defending the rights of Russian-speakers wherever

Putin waging information war in Ukraine worthy of George Orwell

It was a familiar scenario this week. First the government in Kiev said that Russia was sending convoys of men and weapons to support pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine. Then U.S. General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s top commander in Europe, confirmed those claims, saying “there is no question anymore about Russia’s direct military involvement in Ukraine.” His remarks were summarily denied by the Russian Defense Ministry, which said it had stopped

Fakes in Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev

In October 19’s Week News issue with Dmitry Kiselev  voiced a number of false news and statements.  Some of them we decided to disassemble and refute. For example, the speaker of the news release says the phrase “imaginary Russian troops on Ukrainian territory, which was a shame for President Poroshenko to even mention during the Europe-Asia summit in Italy” (see 10:40 of release).  However, the presence of Russian military (as

Carpatho-Rusyns Deny Reports on Their Struggle for Their Region’s Federal Status

Russian and pro-Russian mass media have reported that Carpatho-Rusyns allegedly continue their struggle for the federalization of Ukraine. This statement does not correspond with reality, leaders of the three main Carpatho-Rusyns organizations declare. On August 10 the website published a report about a Congress of Rusyn and Hungarian communities of the Transcarpathia Region that had supposedly taken place in Budapest. Congress delegates allegedly decided to appeal to the EU, the UN,

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