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Five years of fakes about downing of MH17: StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 244)

Ukraine responsible for the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Five years after the tragedy Russian lies, fakes and attempts to pin the blame...

Russian Lies Banned from the UK:StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 243)

Debunking Russian disinformation from two of the most prolific fake news factories the Kremlin has in its industrial lying machine. https://youtu.be/2STkZ-5JByY

Chornobyl Fear: StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 242)

Russia reacts to the HBO television miniseries with a spate of fakes and distortions. https://youtu.be/qdQE5GKXvsI

Surrender to Russia & Control Georgia: StopFake with Marko Suprun (No. 241)

Fake: Ukrainian Army pulling back from contact line with Russian separatist occupied territories because of personnel and equipment shortages. Georgia protests engineered by the...

StopFake #240 with Marko Suprun

Fake: US allocates $250 million to Ukraine for war and provocations against Russia. US dumps chemical and nuclear waste in Ukraine. Distortion: Ukraine will...

StopFakeNews #239 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Kyiv admits shelling Donbas civilian areas. Netherlands hold Ukraine responsible for the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash. Russia’s obsession with Ukraine. https://youtu.be/ekrlxLk8joo