Fake: US considers Donbas War an Internal Ukrainian Matter

On March 22 scores of Russian media featured stories claiming that the US considered the war in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine a purely internal Ukrainian matter. Life Novosti, Rambler and others cite Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov, who was speaking about the recent conversation between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Peskov was asked if the US agree with the use of the phrase

Russian Media Changes World Cup Goal Posts

Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson thinks it would be wrong to punish football teams and fans by boycotting the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia, reported RT Russian and  These two stalwarts of the Kremlin focused on one sentence out of Boris Johnson’s March 21 exchange in parliament with the Foreign Affairs Committee,  to make it seem as if Johnson thought there should be no consequences

Fake: OSCE Declares Russian Presidential Elections Open and Fair

Official Russian media presented the official OSCE report on the March 18 Russian presidential elections in a distorted and manipulative manner, omitting many of the details of the report and claiming that the observation mission recognized the election as democratic and transparent. OSCE recognizes Russian presidential elections as open and effective, declared the newspaper Izvestia. Other Russian media followed suit, albeit with less subdued headlines. While the official OSCE report

Fake: British Apologize for Boris Johnson

Pro-Kremlin media is disseminating stories claiming that the British public has criticized Foreign Minister Boris Johnson for his position on the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter with a nerve agent in Salisbury. Johnson said that Britain’s “quarrel is with Putin’s Kremlin… and his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the UK”. “There is something in the kind of

Fake: UN Recognizes Russian Telephone Code for Crimea

Russian media disseminated a fake story this week claiming that the United Nations International Telecommunication Union recognized the Russian telephone code of Crimea, thereby recognizing the annexed peninsula as part of the Russian Federation., Russian language RT , RIA Novosti,, Rambler and other media featured this fake story. Russian media cite the Russian Communication Minister Nikolay Nikoforov who met with Sergey Aksyonov , the so-called leader of Crimea

StopFake #175 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Ukraine’s military command announces punitive Donbas campaign and Crimea offensive; Ukraine to force Crime and Donbas residents to repent; Ukrainian tracks in the Skripal poisoning case.

UK behind Salisbury attack: Russian narrative is spreading on Twitter

Collected by EU DisinfoLab To complement @DFRLab @benimmo‘s work, our study on narratives suggesting #Salisbury #Skripal #Novichok attack was carried out by UK /#MI6. Here’s what we found: THREAD 1) by 10pm, out of ~300k tweets, 2236 accounts tweeted 3254 tweets/rts of narrative, No1 was @RussianEmbassy — EU DisinfoLab🇪🇺 (@DisinfoEU) 14 марта 2018 г. THREAD 2) Top tweets within the “UK behind poisoning” narrative (ordered), growth pattern, top hashtags

Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution Was Not a ‘Coup’

By Polygraph Vladimir Putin President of Russian Federation The U.S. used Russia to prevent Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich from using his military against rioters in Kiev, and then ‘cheated’ Moscow by supporting an armed coup, President Vladimir Putin said. Source: RT, March 8, 2018 FALSE Maidan was not an armed coup. Former President Yanukovych left on his own volition because his allies deserted him. On March 8, the Russian government-funded

Just desserts for a traitor; Ukrainian involvement; Britain did it! Russian Media Narratives on the Skripal Poisoning

After the former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned on March 4 in Salisbury, England, British Prime Minister Teresa May addressed parliament to announce the substance used was highly likely a military grade nerve agent of the Novichok type manufactured in Russia. As Moscow rejected a British deadline for Russia to explain itself over the attack, the UK moved to suspend all high level

UPDATED: Russia Falsely Denies Connection to the ‘Deadliest’ Poison Ever Made

By Polygraph Sergey Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister “We have already made a statement that this is all nonsense, we have nothing to do with this” Source: TASS, March 13, 2018 False The nerve agent is developed by Russia The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the British Ambassador to Russia, Laurie Bristow, on March 13 to convey a “strong protest” against London’s accusation that Moscow was involved in the attempted assassination of

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