StopFake #166 with Marko Suprun

Fakes: America is preparing a new revolution in Ukraine; Ukrainian traces in the drone attacks on Russian bases in Syria, as well as fakes about milk sales and hepatitis epidemics.

Fake: EU Bans Milk Sales from Private Ukrainian Farms

Russia’s propagandist newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta published an article claiming that the European Union has banned milk sales from small Ukrainian farms that do not have EU certification. Farmers selling milk or milk products from such farms face fines, the newspaper declared. The EU Ukraine Association Agreement that Rossiyskaya Gazeta refers to makes no mention of any ban on milk sales from private farms, but the agreement does outline the introduction

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Involvement in Syria Attacks on Russian Bases

Russia’s disinformation machine never tires of portraying Ukraine as an enemy. The latest manifestation of this narrative is to accuse Ukraine of involvement in a mysterious drone attack on Russian bases in Syria at Hmeimim and Tartus., Novaya Gazeta, RIAFan and other Russian media all carried this unsubstantiated accusation. Russian media cite the Defense Ministry’s General Staff Department of Construction and Development director Alexander Novikov, who said the kind

Fake: Hepatitis A Epidemic in Ukraine

Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda declared that a Hepatitis A epidemic was raging in Ukraine. Similar stories appeared in other Russian media based on news reports about a Hepatitis A outbreak in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mykolayiv. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health there are sporadic cases of the disease in Ukraine, but there is most certainly no epidemic. Zvezda claims that Mykolayiv authorities announced that a

Fake: European Union Seeks To Improve Relations with Russia At Any Cost

Russian media distorted the words of Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite and Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser in order to create the impression that the European Union is seeking to improve relations with Russia at any cost. At the same time these fake Russian stories completely ignore the reasons for European sanctions and current tense relations with Russia, i.e., Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and its proxy war in eastern Ukraine. Pro-Kremlin

Fake: Ukrainians Being Massively Deported from EU and Israel

Ukrainian visa free travel to the EU Schengen zone countries which went into effect in June 2017 remains a favorite topic for Russian fakes and disinformation.  The latest spin on these manufactured stories is a claim published by the marginal site Rossiyskie Vesti claiming that Ukrainians are being massively deported from EU countries.  RIA Novosti eagerly reprinted this latest fake, elevating Rossiyskie Vesti to the status of world media. Novstnoy

Fake: Ukraine Postpones Salary Increases for Military for a Year

Scores of Ukrainian media published stories claiming that Ukraine was postponing raising servicemen’s salaries for a year. Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy meanwhile says that salary increases will proceed as planned on January 1, 2018. The source for the fake claims was a Cabinet of Ministers Decree (No. 152) amending an earlier decree (No. 704) concerning servicemen’s salaries. The decree outlining financial remuneration for additional training, academic degrees, sport achievement

StopFake #163 [ENG] with Marko Suprun

Fakes: UN Fabricating Human Rights Violations in Crimea; Europe Accuses Ukraine of Flooding the EU with Heroin; UN Demands Ukraine Recognize Occupied Territory Documents.

Fake: Europe Accuses Ukraine of Flooding the EU with Heroin

Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda reported that the European Commission has published a document in which it accuses Ukraine of flooding the EU with heroin. The document in question is the European Commission’s first report to the European Parliament and the EU Council on EU visa liberalization pertaining to the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries. The report concerns three former Soviet republics, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, all of

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