Fake: Ukrainian Ministry funds radical nationalistic organisations

On November 12, the Washington Post published an article entitled “Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp”, which later appeared in other publications as well. The author claimed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports allegedly funds radical nationalistic organizations. Namely, the article said that this year the Ministry of Youth and Sports earmarked 4 million hryvnias (about $150,000) to fund some youth camps organized by nationalists, in particular

Fake: Poland Leaving the EU

European Union bursting at the seams, Poland ready to leave, announced, RIA and TASS on October 11, claiming that Warsaw was poised to launch “Polexit” because of a conflict with Brussels. The source for this latest fake was none other than European Council President and Poland’s former Prime Minister Donald Tusk who criticized Poland’s latest judicial reform. Russian media couldn’t manage to spin this fake in just one direction

StopFake #209 with Marko Suprun

Fake: Hungarian teenagers kill Ukrainian boy in Transcarpathia. Germany supports Crimea annexation. Ukraine secretly cedes its borders to the EU. Schools of hate: fakes and manipulation about Ukrainian boot camps for children.

Fake: Ukraine to Jail Russians for Visiting Crimea

RIA Novosti, RT, and others featured stories last week claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had called for a law that would make  Russian tourists who visited annexed Crimea or the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics subject to criminal punishment. Russian talking heads immediately accused Kyiv of infringing on Russians’ rights, or orchestrating a Russian genocide, spreading Russophobia against a fraternal people while Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria

Schools of Hate: Fakes and Manipulation about Ukraine Boot Camps for Children

Scores of Russian online media aimed to scare their readers last week with headlines such as Barracks for children, western media see Ukrainian Nazism, and Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children schooled in hate and war. These manipulative stories about Ukrainian scout style summer camps claim that hundreds of thousands of children are being prepared for war and taught to shoot guns. The Russian articles are based on an October

Fake: Ukraine Secretly Cedes its Borders to the EU

Propagandist Russian publication announced that passengers at Kyiv and Odesa airports were being screened by border guards from EU countries. “Polish, Lithuanian and even Italian border guards are checking Ukrainian passengers traveling to Europe” claims., Politmir, Newsfront,, Sputnik and other pro-Kremlin media dutifully disseminated this fake. claims that foreign border guards are questioning Ukrainians about their trips to Europe and looking for violations of EU

Fake: Germany Supports Crimea Annexation

Germany supports Russia’s annexation of Crimea and is ready to take steps towards recognizing the Russian status of the peninsula. Members of the German parliament are poised to gradually recognize the Ukrainian peninsula as part of Russia. On November 3 scores of pro-Kremlin media featured these sensational headlines, starting with the Russian daily newspaper Izvestia, followed by the Russian Defense Ministry television station Zvezda, Rambler, Kriminform and others. No matter

StopFake #208 with Marko Suprun

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister wants to root out Russian passport holders. EU warns Ukraine against militarization of Azov sea. Finnish court smacks three pro-Kremlin trolls with hefty fine for harassing and slandering a journalist investigating Russia’s troll internet army.

Fake: Hungarian Teenagers Kill Ukrainian Boy in Transcarpathia

Social media, chat rooms and regional Ukrainian media all circulated stories claiming that a Ukrainian boy was cruelly murdered by Hungarian youths in a village near Berehovo in Transcarpathia. This information first appeared on Facebook on October 30 but was soon deleted. Soon thereafter the claim appeared on the Politiko social forum under the name Nadia Smereka. This posting is the only notification from Nadia Smereka on the Politiko site.

Fake: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Wants to Root out Russian Passport Holders

All Ukrainian citizens who also have Russian passports will be rooted out – stories with such headlines were featured in the scores of pro-Kremlin media on October 30 from to, NTV and others, citing Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin who allegedly  said “Let those who have Russian passports surrender them, otherwise we will root them out.” The publication Politnavigator went even further and claimed that Ukraine was about

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