StopFake #157 [ENG] with Christi Anne Hofland

The latest edition of StopFake News with America House Director Christi Anne Hofland. Fakes: Ukrainian army shelling kills boy in Donetsk; Ukrainian military raid Catholic monastery looking for conscripts; medical reform will lead to mass firings…

Fake: Ukraine to Fire all Feldshers

Russian media are awash with fake stories claiming that in an attempt to save on medical costs, Ukraine will fire all feldshers and replace them with paramedics. According to the World Health Organization, a feldsher is a health care professional who provides various medical services limited to emergency treatment and ambulance care/practice., a most prolific generator of fakes about Ukraine first published this story and was soon followed by

Fake: Ukrainian Military Looks for Conscripts in Monastery

Last week RIA Novosti reported that Ukraine’s military conducted a night raid on a Ukrainian Catholic monastery looking for conscripts. Korrespondent, Kremlin Press, Russkaya Vesna, Delovaya Stolitsa and others quickly followed suit. The monastery was surrounded and searched, the military were trying to find young men evading service in the army, the sites claim, quoting a priest called Augusyn Loyko. As their source, the Russian sites quote a dubious website

Fake: Ukrainian Shelling Kills Donetsk Boy

Scores of Russian media reported that on November 5 a ten year old boy was killed and another two were wounded as a result of the Ukrainian army shelling the Russian separatist occupied city of Donetsk. All the fake stories cite one source, the official agency RIA Novosti, who in turn cites an anonymous representative of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. REN TV went further and combines two manipulative claims

StopFake #156 [ENG] with Romeo Kokriatsky

The latest edition of StopFake News with Romeo Kokriatsky includes fake claims about new EU visas, sex worker information that never was, NATO nuclear power plant security for Ukraine and a distorted forecast that ignores Ukraine’s economic positives.

Fake: Mykolayiv School Distributes Sex Worker Pamphlets

Russian and Ukrainian sites disseminated a story last week claiming that after a lesson on AIDS prevention, students in the eastern Ukrainian port city of Mykolayiv were given a pamphlet outlining health and safety measures intended for sex workers. No one has been able to ascertain in which school this allegedly happened, no actual person has been identified as having seen or received the pamphlet. Mykolayiv city authorities canvassed all

Fake: Depopulation – Ukraine’s №1 Threat

Russian propagandist media such as, Glavnovosti and Informburo have lately been publishing more and more stories about Ukraine’s alleged shrinking population. The latest version of this story appeared recently on the internet newspaper with the blaring headline Purging the superfluous: Ukrainians fleeing their homeland with families. The article is an opinion piece by Ruslan Vesnianko, a fervent supporter of the official Kremlin line and a prolific critic of

Fake: Disappointing Fitch Forecast for Ukraine

Russian pro-Kremlin site published a story about Fitch Ratings latest outlook for Ukraine, focusing only on the negative elements and ignoring the country’s overall stable outlook in the forecast.  Using only the first sentence of the Fitch report, claims Ukraine has the third largest shadow economy in the world after Azerbaijan and Nigeria. The first sentence of the Fitch announcement reads as follows:  Ukraine’s ratings reflect weak external

StopFake #155 [ENG] with Marko Suprun

The latest edition of StopFake News with Marko Suprun. Ukraine increases its own territory; a tanker tears a pier and Ukrainian Hungarian hostage to disinformation and electioneering.

Fake: EU Renews Visa Requirement for Georgia, Ukraine Next

Russian newspaper Kommersant declared last month that Europe was restoring visa requirements for Georgia.  Pro-Kremlin site quickly followed suit, adding that Ukraine would be next., and NewsSputnik eagerly repeated the fake claim. At the center of these fakes is the planned introduction of an electronic pre-authorization system for all countries with a visa-free regime with the EU. As far the Russian media are concerned, this is nothing

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