News in the section ‘Context’ are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.

Russia on Iskander-M missiles in Kaliningrad: ‘so what?’

By Dalia Bankauskaitė, for CEPA On 5 February, Lithuanian news outlets reported that Russia had stationed several of its newest high-precision weapons—the Iskander-M nuclear-capable missile, with a range of 415-500 km—in the Kaliningrad region and that it intends to leave the missiles there permanently. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said the deployment “is not just a threat to Lithuania, but to half of all Europe.” Three pro-Kremlin media outlets in Russian and Lithuanian—,

Russian Foreign Minister Calls Mueller Indictment ‘Blabber,’ Experts call it ‘Absolutely Damning’

By Poligraph Sergey Lavrov Foreign Minister, Russia “I have no response. You can publish anything, and we see those indictments multiplying, the statements multiplying. Until we see the facts, everything else is just blabber.” Source: AP, February 17, 2018 False The evidence presented in the indictment was sufficient to convince the Grand Jury Russia’s foreign minister says the U.S. indictment of a group of Russians accused of an elaborate plot

How the word ‘genocide’ is abused in pro-Kremlin language

By EU vs Disinfo More and more often, the word ‘genocide’ is used by pro-Kremlin outlets and communicators to describe things that have nothing to do with genocide. Besides the lack of respect for victims of real genocides, this abuse of terminology undermines the very concept of genocide as a large-scale violation of human rights. Ukrainian ‘genocide’ Ukraine is probably the most frequent target of this alternative use of the

RT and Sputnik had more Twitter outreach than official Brexit campaigns

Topics of the Week According to a new report prepared by the 89up digital agency, the Kremlin’s mouthpieces, RT and Sputnik, produced anti-EU content on Twitter that had greater reach than the Vote Leave or Leave.EU campaigns. The office of special counsel Robert Mueller announced last Friday that 13 Russian operatives and three Russian entities, including the Internet Research Agency (otherwise known as the St Petersburg ‘troll factory’), have been

Zakharova Downplays Armed Clash with Americans in Syria, Kremlin-linked Audio Recordings Contradict Her Story

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Press secretary, Russian Foreign Ministry “Material about the deaths of dozens and hundreds of Russian citizens – it is classic disinformation. It was not 400, not 200, not 100 and not 10. Preliminary figures indicate that as a result of the armed clash that took place, the causes of which are now being investigated, we can talk about the deaths of five people, presumably citizens of

Moldova Introduces Fines for ‘Russian Propaganda’

By Madalin Necsutu, for BalcanInsight The authorities have begun to impose financial penalties on media outlets in an attempt to prevent alleged attempts to spread Russian propaganda in Moldova. Moldova’s Audiovisual Coordinating Council, CCA has fined 11 radio and TV stations and seven cable network providers 5,000 lei (around 240 euros) each because they did not deliver an overview of their programming output as required by the country’s new ‘anti-propaganda’ law. The

“Putin has a microchip implanted in his shoulder”

By EU vs Disinfo “George W. Bush said that Putin has a microchip implanted in his shoulder”. This was the headline in a story published last week by the Russian daily Moskovskiy Komsomolets (MK). Had a former American President suddenly engaged in spreading disinformation about the current Head of the Russian State? Lost in translation The article in MK summarised statements George W. Bush made on Thursday about the issue of Russian interference in the American

Movement of Russia’s military equipment near Latvia’s border is information war – Chief of Defense

By The Baltic Times Movement of Russia’s military equipment near Latvia’s border, deployment of Iskander missiles in Kalningrad is rather an information war, not a strong threat to Latvia’s security, said Latvia’s Chief of Defense in an interview with the commercial LNT television on Monday. Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis (Greens/Farmers) admitted that these Russia’s steps are alarming, but they are more related with this country’s long-term practices, and should not

Figure of the Week: 18.7 billion

By EU vs Disinfo Russia may be cutting spending on healthcare and education, but its state-run media have never been in better shape. RT’s budget for 2017 was a whopping 18.7 billion rubles, or 261 million euros – a tenfold increase since the Kremlin-backed television channel was founded in 2005. RT, which has been widely accused of spreading disinformation and was recently asked to register as a foreign agent in

From objective reporting to myths and propaganda: The story of RIA

By EU vs Disinfo “Brothels for zoophiles have existed for a long time in Copenhagen. Local animal rights defenders, whose voices, however, are almost never heard, have told me that the animals are put in special machines and even have their limbs broken so that they cannot harm those who enjoy such unusual pleasures”. The paragraph quoted above was part of a longer piece describing different aspects of the alleged perversion of

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