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Fear and hatred: how propaganda persuades with emotion

Kseniya Kirillova, for Integrity Initiative As Russian propaganda and disinformation spread around the world, more and more initiatives  are being created to expose the lies and distortions emanating from the Kremlin: projects to expose fake news, analytical centres that review and monitor disinformation campaigns, and many private initiatives to observe Russian media. However, experts increasingly acknowledge that despite all these efforts, Kremlin propaganda remains a very effective tool of information warfare – much more effective

Germany’s friends of the Kremlin “setting the media tone” – Reitschuster

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Integrity Initiative Russian propagandists and agents of influence do not only operate freely in Germany, they even “set the tone” in German media. This is the view of prominent German journalist, author of the book “Putin’s Secret War” (‘Putins verdeckter Krieg’), Boris Reitschuster. He says the Kremlin is now actively using the old intelligence network created by the Stasi in West Germany. “Contrary to popular belief,

Delusions of freedom: the US far right and the Kremlin

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Integrity Initiative One of the pillars of Putin’s political system is confrontation with the outside world and the search for enemies. His regime conducts “information operations” against the West to try and undermine democracy. The operations are in many ways similar to the propaganda techniques used by the Kremlin inside Russia. They use lies, slander, selective use of facts, conspiracy theories and a multitude of contradictory

Edward Lucas: Threads of the past

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Edward Lucas seams together a Soviet chic garment and the Kremlin’s inability to deal honestly with history. Nazi memorabilia is not cool. If you hold your nose and look on the internet, you can find flags, T-shirts and bumper stickers commemorating the Third Reich on sale at outlets that also sell pagan-themed cigarette lighters and Ku Klux Klan regalia. But no reputable retailer would stock

Malaysia cancels „lex anti-fake”

Much is being said about more countries planning or already introducing laws meant to fight against false information in media. Meanwhile new Malaysian government did the opposite. On Thursday (16th of August) they repealed the widely criticized “anti-fake news” bill. The law was introduced the last year in April by the government of the previous prime minister Najib Razak. “The spreaders of the fake news” were threatened to spend six

5 ways to identify a bot (also a Russian one)

There are no better experts in fighting against fake news and disinformation than Americans. No wonder. They are wise after the event – for the long time they have been victims of Russian troll army attacks, their bots and fake news meant to spread unrest and arouse social divisions. Therefore, we are not going to reinvent the wheel but, basing on the text from Mother Jones (MJ) website we are

“Known but not discussed”: Low-income people aren’t getting quality news and information. What can the industry do about it?

“There is no Wirecutter for low-income individuals.” Fiona Morgan and Jay Hamilton talk about their research into information ecosystems and the media market. By Christine Schmidt, for NiemanLab The search engine results that a woman who has served time in jail and is from a low-income community will see, while hunting for jobs, will be vastly different than those found by a graduating college senior who is on LinkedIn. While the

Fake News and Fake Solutions: How Do We Build a Civics of Trust?

By Ivan Sigal. for Global Voices We need to start serious conversations about systemic social challenges, rather than tinkering with their effects In his recent manifesto, Mark Zuckerberg asserts that the response to our dysfunctional and conflict-ridden politics is to build a stronger global community based on ubiquitous interconnection. We know of course that Facebook stands to profit from this utopian vision, and we should be skeptical of the motives underlying Zuck’s

The justifiable outrage at Western reporting on Ukraine

By Ariana Gic, for StopFake Only July 23, the BBC’s Panorama aired “The Faked Murder that Fooled the World”, about the staged murder of a Russian dissident journalist living in Kyiv at the end of May.  The staged assassination was the stuff of spy novels – Ukraine’s Security Services convincingly staged Arkady Babchenko’s assassination as part of a special operation to prevent more than 30 Russian assassination efforts, including Babchenko’s,

Estonia spy chief: Network of operatives pushing Russian agenda in West

By Jeff Seldin, for VoA For the past several months, intelligence and security officials in the U.S. government and private sector have cautiously marveled at the seemingly slow pace of Russian cyberattacks and influence operations using social media. Unlike in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, officials say so far there has been no frenzy of hacks, phishing attacks or use of ads and false news stories to penetrate

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