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Fighting misinformation requires journalism, not secret algorithms

“Watching Silicon Valley exercise news judgment has been like watching Walter Cronkite try to write code in Python.” L. Gordon Crovitz By L. Gordon Crovitz, for NiemanLab Every journalistic enterprise these days must have technological competence — which is why news companies increasingly rely on technology companies to keep their products up to speed. The year 2020 will test the inverse: Will technology companies finally rely on journalists to help

Subverting NATO from within

By Janusz Bugajski, for CEPA Unable to Prevent NATO Enlargement, Moscow Is Intensifying Its Campaign to Subvert Alliance Members From Within.   President Vladimir Putin views NATO as the main threat to Russia’s expansionism and has calculated that infiltration and disinformation are a cheaper and more effective means to undermine Western unity than a military confrontation that would expose Russia’s weaknesses. The Kremlin has threatened numerous European states against joining

Journalists become media literacy teachers

By Colleen Shalby, for NiemanLab “We’ve been taught not to be the story, or divert from our priorities to inform the public and protect the truth. But if we want to continue to reestablish trust with our audiences and re-enforce our industry, now’s the time to teach.” Colleen Shalby On the eve of 2020, a space in the nation’s capital dedicated to the past, present and future of journalism will

Formalizing newsrooms’ battle against disinformation

By Craig Newmark, for NiemanLab “I predict that newsrooms will put in place and uphold formal editorial policies that demand all forms of communication — tweet, headline, article — never present falsities without first clearly stating the truth.” Craig Newmark For 2019, I predicted that news organizations would start to institute reporting methods that help them avoid being complicit in the spreading of disinformation, using tactics like the “truth sandwich.”

Stanisław Żaryn: A hidden agenda behind Putin’s disinformation attack on Poland

By Stanisław Żaryn At the turn of the year, Vladimir Putin, along with other top Russian officials, carried out a massive disinformation campaign against Poland. They falsely accused Warsaw of having colluded with Hitler in 1939 and demanded that the current Polish authorities apologise for the policy pursued by their pre-war predecessors. The attack was no accident, but a part of an ongoing, broader hostile influence operation against the West.

Monica Drake: A renewed focus on misinformation

By Monica Drake, for NiemanLab “As everyone focuses on granular accuracy, the media outlets that have a truly diverse and inclusive reporting staff will distinguish themselves by simply doing stories that have broad impact and gain the trust of new audiences.” Monica Drake This won’t just be a presidential election year — it will be a post-impeachment year. Those two events will bookend what’s likely to be a never-ending flood

Lies get further normalized

By Peter Bale, for NiemanLab “It’s no accident that academic and journalist Peter Pomerantsev’s first book, about the wild days of journalism in Russia, was called ‘Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible.’” Peter Bale Truth will be the big casualty of 2020 as the U.S. presidential elections follow the 2016 campaign and the 2019 British general election in reframing the lie as the center of political discourse. Lies and

A smarter conversation about how (and why) fact-checking matters

By Lucas Graves, for NiemanLab “The facts unearthed by reporters and other watchdogs are a resource for public action, but they tend to make a real difference only when they are mobilized by political campaigns or social movements, or used to trigger institutional responses from regulators or the courts.” Lucas Graves If recent history is any guide, the U.S. presidential contest next year will bring a surge in political fact-checking

‘Russian world’ should be understood as ‘infectious psychiatric disorder,’ Altufyev says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia The Russian world has been defined and approached from many different directions, with some arguing that it includes all those who speak Russian and thus share in a common culture and others that it is a modified version of Sovietism with a set of quite specific ideological features. But almost all of these approaches treat it as a political phenomenon, one that can be

Geneva Overholser: Death to bothsidesism

By Geneva Overholser, for NiemanLab “In day-to-day political reporting, the Times is hopelessly stuck in the past. Its proud allegiance to presenting ‘both sides’ in a time of political breakdown renders it a handmaiden to the degradation of truth.” Geneva Overholser I predict (pray?) that in 2020, the leaders of our national newspapers will see at last how they are assisting in the despoliation of our democracy — and how

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