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Fighting Fake News

By Dmytro Zolotukhin, for Medium Experience of Ukraine and Recommendations “Fake news” (“fakes”) is a generic term that is a product of media, where there is a need to place a short name on phenomenon for ease of use. The use of this phrase greatly complicates the work on the scientific-practical and legal formulations of a specific definition for this phenomenon. In the scientific and modern media environment such phrases are

Berlin Olympics 1936, Russian World Cup 2018? It’s a Fair Comparison

By Integrity Initiative Op-Ed The Russian authorities have strongly criticised the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, for saying that Vladimir Putin intends to use the 2018 football World Cup in Russia in a similar way to Adolf Hitler did when the Olympic Games took place in Berlin in 1936. But claiming that this is a personal slight against the Russian President deliberately misses the point; and is another example of

“Britain’s been attacking Russia for 400 years!”: Russian disinformation plumbs new depths in the Skripal case

By Integrity Initiative Op-Ed “Disinformation” – the act of deliberately putting out false information to distract people from the truth – is a Russian concept. The word itself is one of the few examples of a Russian word which has come into the English language, and should not be confused with “misinformation”, which is incorrect information passed on in the belief that it is true. In recent years as Russia

Propaganda as a drug – even for Putin’s Russia

By Kseniya Kirillova, for Defencereport Recently, Russian propaganda has committed another abomination against the dissident Ilya Yashinand his elderly grandmother. The camera crew “Life” broke into a nursing home, where the sick 84-year-old woman lived, and, having written down several of her comments, wrote a story directed against her grandson based on these comments.  As Ilya himself remarked, this act became the new low in betrayal and cynicism. However, it reflects not only the

The strategic balancing act

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Deterrence and resilience are the two tasks facing the West as the threat from the Kremlin becomes ever clearer. Striking the balance between the two is the strategic challenge for the coming years. The most important part is resilience. The less Russian attacks are effective, the less we need to deter them. If our political system is immune to dirty money, if our media offer

A Spy’s Mutual Friends

The arrest of Marek W., a man suspected of spying for the Russian Federation showed that despite appearances, we all can feel threatened. Each of us is a potential victim; each can become the target of hostile forces. Sounds unbelievable? At first glance, certainly. Because what do we, ordinary people, have to do Russian Federal Security Service special operations? We still associate spies more with James Bond than with a

Soft power — not government censorship — is the key to fighting disinformation and “fake news”

By Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, for NiemanLab In many countries over the past few years, the political process — and social cohesion — have been threatened by various forms of disinformation, sometimes misleadingly and inadequately called “fake news.” Politically-motivated and for-profit disinformation is blamed, among other things, for the U.K.’s decision to vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Disinformation takes many forms and is driven by many

The Daily Vertical: Russia’s real debate (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, for RFE/RL The most interesting thing that happened during yesterday’s so-called election was a heated debate between a candidate who received less than two percent of the vote and one who wasn’t even on the ballot. One of the few things that wasn’t choreographed and stage managed; the only thing that appeared spontaneous on an utterly predictable day was a bitter argument webcast live on YouTube by

Putin’s Vision of a New ‘World Order’ Increasingly Worrisome, Kirillova Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Ukraine It is perhaps emblematic of the times, but Vladimir Putin is increasingly using video clips and full-scale films to articulate his views of Russia and the world. According to Kseniya Kirillova, the latest such effort, World Order 2018, offers a vision more horrifying in its totality than anything he has presented before. In an essay that originally appeared on the Slavic Sacramento portal and

Putin’s Brezhnev Moment

By Brian Whitmore, for RFE/RL So, Vladimir Putin just had another Leonid Brezhnev moment. Last year, the current Kremlin leader surpassed the longtime Soviet ruler in longevity in power. And now, after winning a fourth term with well over 70 percent of the vote, Putin has just matched Brezhnev in the number of times he was “elected.” During Putin’s rule, Russian elections may not have become quite as choreographed as

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