On March 2, 2014 Kyiv Mohyla Journalism School lecturers, graduates and students along with the KMA Digital Future of Journalism  project launched the Stopfake.org fact checking site.

Journalists, editors, IT specialists, translators, all those who cared about the future of Ukraine during this dangerous time of the annexation of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine joined the project.

Initially the goal of the project was to verify and refute disinformation and propaganda about events in Ukraine being circulated in the media. Eventually the project grew into an information hub where we examine and analyze all aspects of Kremlin propaganda.

We not only look at how propaganda influences Ukraine, we also try to investigate how propaganda impacts on other countries and regions, from the European Union to countries which once made up the Soviet Union.

Our team of media professionals is constantly growing. Today we fact-check, de-bunk, edit, translate, research and disseminate information in 11 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, German and Polish.

Our content is available on our site, our video digests are broadcast online and on local Ukrainian television stations; our radio podcasts are also available online and on social media sites. We also publish ‘Your Right to Know’ newspaper for Donbas.

Stopfake.org is not supported financially or otherwise by any official Ukrainian organization or government agency. We are a journalists’ organization whose primary goal is to verify information, raise media literacy in Ukraine and establish a clear red line between journalism and propaganda.

We strive to achieve our goal not only through refuting fakes but also through creating a propaganda archive and data base, analyzing and verifying information, training various media stakeholders to identify fakes and participating in conferences and seminars on journalistic integrity and fact-checking.

Launched as a volunteer project, StopFake.org has been able to continue its important work thanks to the generosity of crowdfunding and contributions from our readers. Stopfake was also supported by the international Renaissance Foundation, the Foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Ukraine and the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

The StopFake team includes Mauro Voerzio, Bogdan Borodiichuk, Vadim Heshel, Ruslan Deynychenko, Sonia Dymytrova-Martyniuk, Mariia Zhdanova, Kira Zalytok, Nataliia Kucheriava, Alina Mosendz, Oleksiy Nabozhnyak, Yurii Panin, Oksana Pinsker, Oksana Poluliakh, Mykhailo Purish, Viktoriia Romaniuk, Margo Gontar, Yevhen Fedchenko, Irena Chalupa, Anna Chornous, Olena Churanova, Olga Yurkova, Oleksiy Ladyka, Alla Radnyuk, Patrik Felčer, Nadiya Balovsyak, Pawel Bobolowicz, Wojtek Pokora, Wojciech Mucha, Olena Semeniuk, Alain Guillemoles, Sofia Kochmar-Tymoshenko and Galyna Schimansky-Geier and our active and vigilant readers-debunkers.


We are very grateful to our colleagues who at different stages helped to create and develop StopFake.

We invite all of you to join us and support our work.

If you spot fake information, send it to us for a truth autopsy at [email protected].

Here is a link to our detailed 2016-2017 Report (in Ukrainian and English):