Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Ukraine is Barbaric: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 318)

Kyiv wants to punish Crimea for its democratic choice.

Zelensky’s Fake COVID Vaccination: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 317)

President Zelensky vaccination video staged. Ukrainian Nazis detained in Russia. Babies are being killed to make vaccines.

Biden’s Remote Controlling Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 316)

Russian media on US-Ukraine relations under the new Biden administration.

Drunk Nikita Gave Away Crimea: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 315)

Kyiv admits Ukraine got Crimea on a drunken fluke. Ukrainian military use prohibited weapons in Donbas. Ukraine’s EU Association agreement - a five year...

COVID Coca-Cola: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 314)

Fake: Hague Tribunal to investigate Ukrainian crimes in Donbas. NATO is building up military presence around Crimea without cause. Coca-Cola tests positive for COVID-19.

Ukraine Adopts Fascist Ideology: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 313)

Fake: Russia’s Crimea policies guided by international law. Leaders of self-proclaimed separatist republics address UN Security Council. Ukraine against medals commemorating 75th anniversary of...

Language Terrorism in Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 312)

Fake: Russians banned under Ukraine’s toughest language law. Language police reviving Great Terror in Ukraine. Ukraine to buy Russian COVID vaccine from Germany at...

Cover Crimea in Blood: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 311)

Fake: Ukrainian general regrets not covering Crimea with blood. Ukrainian soldier kills colleague for speaking Russian. Ukraine has no choice but to purchase Russian...

2020’s Top Ten Fakes: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 310)

2020 Top Ten COVID-19 Fakes

America Testing Vaccines in Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 309)

Fake: West’s blackmail of Ukrainian President Zelensky outed. American coronavirus vaccine kills Ukrainian serviceman. Banning Ukraine from buying Russia’s coronavirus vaccine, US tests its...