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NATO Occupied Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 304)

Fake: NATO troops in Ukraine illegally. Peru suspends contact for purchase of Ukrainian aircraft. EU demands control over Ukraine’s anti-corruption agencies.

Radiation Leaks in Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 303)

Fake: Accident at Rivne nuclear power plant, evacuations underway. Ukraine throws Russian language teacher behind bars. Manipulation: Ukrainian military bombed Snizhne in...

Ukraine – Drug Lord of Europe: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 302)

Fake: Zelensky is turning Ukraine into Europe’s main drug supplier. Turkey wants to take Crimea from Russia. Ukraine saddles Donbas with a...

America Bombs Russia with Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 301)

Fake: Ukraine to be bridgehead for US nuclear strike on Russia. Former US Finance Secretary Condemns Maidan Revolution. Ukrainian first graders can’t...

Ukraine Sells Sovereignty: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 300)

Fake: EU loans in exchange for Ukrainian sovereignty. Ukrainian military abandon positions after separatist ultimatum. Truth Commissions to sell Crimean land.

Biden Rules Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 299)

Fake: Biden sits in Ukrainian President’s chair giving orders. Belarus protesters paid for demonstrating. Soviet law of 5 spikelets did not kill...