Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Russian propaganda on Twitter | Euromaidan 2013 and Kremlin fakes — №324

Last week Twitter also became a place for pro-Russian experts to compete for the public opinion of Western audiences. An article in the American...

Migration crisis in Europe, Putin and Lukashenko, Kremlin fakes №322

Belarus on the border with Poland staged a real migration crisis in order to put pressure on the EU authorities. #Refugees on the border...

Donbass and Kremlin fakes, Belarus blocks DW, RT and Maria Zakharova — EN №321

Donbas traditionally is a high-profile information drive for Russian fakes. Faina Savenkova from Luhansk became the new Samantha Smith for the Kremlin media. Or...

StopFake #320 with George Sajewych

Scythian Gold and traitors to Ukraine https://youtu.be/v-0COpU49OQ

StopFake #319. with George Sajewych

At the end of October, many countries of the world hold a week of “media and information literacy.” We’ve also decided to make our...

Ukraine is Barbaric: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 318)

Kyiv wants to punish Crimea for its democratic choice. https://youtu.be/JeZtrhhkL_8

Zelensky’s Fake COVID Vaccination: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 317)

President Zelensky vaccination video staged. Ukrainian Nazis detained in Russia. Babies are being killed to make vaccines. https://youtu.be/OGipYjMHx6w

Biden’s Remote Controlling Ukraine: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 316)

Russian media on US-Ukraine relations under the new Biden administration. https://youtu.be/JnEoK70qwXw

Drunk Nikita Gave Away Crimea: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 315)

Kyiv admits Ukraine got Crimea on a drunken fluke. Ukrainian military use prohibited weapons in Donbas. Ukraine’s EU Association agreement - a five year...

COVID Coca-Cola: StopFakeNews with Marko Suprun (No. 314)

Fake: Hague Tribunal to investigate Ukrainian crimes in Donbas. NATO is building up military presence around Crimea without cause. Coca-Cola tests positive for COVID-19. https://youtu.be/rTyenHB4xDA