Belarus on the border with Poland staged a real migration crisis in order to put pressure on the EU authorities. #Refugees on the border with Poland have become an instrument of the political game and Lukashenko’s pressure on the European community with the help of Putin. Migrants on the Polish border found themselves with the support of the Belarusian authorities, which led to the #BelarusPoland border confrontation.

#BorderPoland Belarus is a factor of blackmail for the Belarusian and Russian authorities. In the near future, Belarus migrants are a weapon of Lukashenko’s regime. Many refugees in Belarus remain on the streets of Minsk, thereby worsening the social situation in the capital of Belarus. Migrants from Belarus are already feeling the humanitarian crisis and are ready to stay on the border between Lithuania and the Polish border because of their desolation. Will the European Union be able to measure #LukashenkoPutin?

#Fakenews is regularly posted on the #Украинару website. Now they released an article stating “Why are children starving in Ukraine?”. This nonsense further on was widespread by #Kremlin media. They simply don’t pay attention to what Global Hunger Index says about Ukraine. Fakes, which are produced by Russian media, are beyond any logic. However, there is another important point, which is absolutely ignored by Russia — The Russo-Ukrainian war in #EasternUkraine. Nevertheless, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) indicates the humanitarian problems on these territories of Ukraine, occupied by Russia.

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  • 00:24 Migrants Poland on the border with Belarus
  • 03:07 Putin Lukashenko orchestrate the crisis
  • 05:25 Fakes about hungry children of Ukraine
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