Donbas traditionally is a high-profile information drive for Russian fakes. Faina Savenkova from Luhansk became the new Samantha Smith for the Kremlin media. Or Greta Thunberg with the ‘Ukraine Russia war’ agenda, which she doesn’t recognize. The girl constantly talks about the crimes of Ukraine in #Donbas and demands punishment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Donbass realities have become a good reason for #Russia for using children in such provocations.

#Belarus and its self-proclaimed President Lukashenko made a DW blockade last week. Deutsche Welle greatly hindered Minsk from fighting democracy and the opposition. #MariaZakharova joined this discussion, mentioning the closure of the #RussiaToday YouTube channels. See our analytics on this topic.

RT’s main news last week was inextricably linked to Ukraine. Russia Today has announced a documentary about Ukraine. But how are Victor #Medvedchuk and the USA related to this? Let’s review the latest fakes and propaganda.

  • 00:00 StopFake News
  • 00:21 Donbass, LPR, Faina Savenkova
  • 05:22 Belarus blocks Deutsche Welle
  • 07:35 Russia Today, USA and a film about Ukraine