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Kremlin Watch Monitor. April 19, 2017

Invitation: How Europe sees Putin’s Russia On April 24, we will present a new major study in the European Parliament, which evaluates policies of individual EU28 countries towards Russia. It is our pleasure to invite you to the public hearing (www.europeanvalues.net/putin/). New publication: How Kremlin controls major Russian media We would like to introduce a new Kremlin Watch Report, authored by Ilyas Sharibzhanov, Analyst of the Kremlin Watch Programme. Mass

Kremlin Watch Monitor. April 5, 2017

Invitation to the Expert Roundtable How Europe sees Putin’s Russia The purpose of this event is to discuss how various allied states perceive the threat which Russian Federation poses to European security infrastructure and internal affairs of Western democracies. A new comparative study “How Europe sees Putin’s Russia” by the European Values Think-Tank will be presented. It will analyse security strategies, foreign policy strategies and annual reports of allied intelligence

Kremlin Watch Monitor. March 8, 2017

Invitation to the Expert Roundtable The European Values Think-Tank in cooperation with the European People’s Party Group in the European Parliament are pleased to invite you to conference: “Putin’s Russia: How urgent threat it poses?” This conference will be held under patronage of Jaromír Štětina MEP, member of EPP Group, Vice-Chair of Security and Defense Subcommittee of the European Parliament. A new comparative study “Behavior of Putin`s Russia through lens of

Kremlin Watch Monitor. February 23, 2017

New Publications Two of our colleagues, Jakub Janda and Ilyas Sharibzhanov, published on the Atlantic Council an overview of six main narratives that Russian disinformation pushed during 2016. Namely, they were: Europe is facing Armageddon due to migration Europeans want to recognize Crimea as Russian but the EU stands in the way The murder of British MP Jo Cox was an inside job to sway the Brexit vote Ukraine isn’t

Kremlin Watch Monitor. February 9, 2017

New Publications The Visegrad Insight published an article written by our Jakub Janda. He explains the threat Russia constitutes for the states of the Visegrad group and warns that “it is only a matter of choice whether Central Europe will remain a part of the democratic West, or if some countries will move towards the direction of those states already deeply penetrated by Russian influence.” He also contributed to Observer

Kremlin Watch Monitor. January 25, 2017

New Publications In every Kremlin Watch Monitor, we are recommending new publications on the topic of disinformation campaigns and hostile Russian influence. We put several of the most interesting analysis in the field together into the Kremlin Watch Reader. You can use it as a helpful tool to get a broader overview about the topic or to recall some of the best studies of 2016, though of course, it is

Kremlin Watch Monitor. January 11, 2017

New Publications Our Jakub Janda discusses in Observer what the West lacks in order to be able to come up with sufficient policy responses for tackling the disinformation campaign of the Kremlin. If you are guessing that the answer is money, you are right. Specifically, there are three key areas: Weekly update on Kremlin disinformation efforts Alleged meeting of Trump aides with Russian intelligence in Prague U.S. media published a

Kremlin Watch Monitor. December 22, 2016

New Publications Our Jakub Janda argues in the Observer that Angela Merkel is going to be the next target of the Russian disinformation campaign. Here are the 6 tools Russia can use: Massive disinformation operations Undermining the deal between Turkey and the European Union Cyber-attacks Abusing of the Russian minority Support to European far-right, far-left, and extremist groups Economic operations You can also read two more of his recently published

Kremlin Watch Monitor. December 12, 2016

Weekly update on Kremlin disinformation efforts Our Jakub Janda got interviewed by The Bild about the Russian Federation’s efforts to influence crucial Western elections, including the upcoming ones in Germany. He warns against several channels through which Russia might deploy a high intensity disinformation campaign in order to make Chancellor Angela Merkel lose her office, but also provides several recommendations concerning how to handle the situation.  Read the full interview

Kremlin Watch Monitor. December 1, 2016

Weekly update on Kremlin disinformation efforts European Parliament against disinformation The European Parliament approved a motion for a resolution which warns against propaganda pressure from Russia and the Islamic State. MEPs call for reinforcing the EEAS East StratCom Task Force and for investing more in awareness raising, education, online and local media, investigative journalism, and information literacy. This move did not make the Russian President Vladimir Putin happy and who

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