StopFakeNews #127 with Jim Kovpak

StopFakeNews #127 with Jim Kovpak

The latest edition of StopFake News with Jim Kovpak. This week’s fakes include claims that Ukraine plans to classify Crimea and Donbas residents as terrorists, former NATO Secretary General Rasmussen advocates for an independent course for Crimea and Ukraine plans to open camps for Syrian refugees.

After Moving Servers to Russia, LiveJournal Bans ‘Political Solicitation’

Last December, the blogging platform LiveJournal — purchased in 2007 by the Russian company SUP Media — finally relocated its data servers from California to Russia. Calling attention to the shift, Anton Nossik (a former advisor to SUP Media) declared, “LJ’s servers have moved ‘closer’ not to its authors and readers, but to those who want to monitor them.” This Tuesday, April 4, LiveJournal released an updated user agreement, revealing what

Sputnik’s unknown brother

By Inga Spriņģe, Sanita Jemberga, Re:Baltica Three Baltic Russian-language news sites known collectively as Baltnews are secretly linked to the Kremlin’s global propaganda network. Three years ago, the Kremlin decided to power up its propaganda efforts and created Sputnik News, a younger brother to the globally-known TV channel RT. The new multimedia news agency opened offices around the world, including in the three Baltic capitals. Meanwhile, another news portal for

Kremlin Watch Monitor. April 5, 2017

Invitation to the Expert Roundtable How Europe sees Putin’s Russia The purpose of this event is to discuss how various allied states perceive the threat which Russian Federation poses to European security infrastructure and internal affairs of Western democracies. A new comparative study “How Europe sees Putin’s Russia” by the European Values Think-Tank will be presented. It will analyse security strategies, foreign policy strategies and annual reports of allied intelligence

‘Crimean Effect Weaker But Still Significant for the Kremlin, Experts Say

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia With the passing of time, the euphoria with which Russians greeted the Crimean Anschluss has weakened, a process that has been intensified by declines in standard of living and that has left public attitudes about the regime more negative than they were even before Vladimir Putin seized the Ukrainian peninsula. Indeed, a study by the Levada Center, says that “assessments of the activity of

Photographs of Ukrainian Buks Geolocated, Nearly Three Years Later

By Bellingcat On July 15, 2014, a chaplain for the Ukrainian Armed Forces named O. (short for “otets,” or “father”) Gredil Mykhailo uploaded a handful of photographs showing a Ukrainian Buk missile launcher in a field that appeared to function as a Ukrainian military camp. The photographs would not be noteworthy if it were not for two things: the fact that Mykhailo uploaded the photographs two days before the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight

Fake: Rasmussen for Recognition of Independent Course for Crimea

Russian media regularly publish stories claiming that the West has resigned itself to the annexation of Crimea and is ready to compromise with the Kremlin regarding sanctions. Pro-Russian delegations of marginal European politicians regularly feted in the annexed peninsula are presented as official delegations, proving that the West is softening its position on Crimea. Last week former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen became the newest victim of Russian media

Terror in Russia and the West: A Need for Compassion

Europe’s lights were dark for St. Petersburg’s tragedy. It was neither right, nor smart. By Mark Galeotti, for The Moscow Times Whatever one may think about lighting public buildings in the colors of foreign flags to show solidarity after tragedies, it has nonetheless become a custom, and the absence of Russia’s red, white, and blue following Monday’s terrorist bombing did not go unnoticed. In the process, one more opportunity to

Pre-vote shenanigans — and fake news — cloud Armenia’s general election

The Republican party loyal to outgoing Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan looked set to score a win in polls held on April 2, but the vote was stymied by a series of alleged violations, apparent government attempts to thwart the online activities of journalists and activists, and at least one incident of fake news. The election is important as far as constitutional changes passed in 2015 mean that Armenia’s president will be

Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns

Testimony by Eugene Rumer, for Carnegie Endowment for international peace Chairman Burr, Vice Chairman Warner, distinguished members of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, It is a great honor to appear here today. The issue before this panel is Russian active measures and influence campaigns. It rose to the top of our national agenda in 2016, when we became aware of Russian interference in our presidential campaign. It remains one of

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