Hacked correspondence shows Kremlin’s efforts to promote “Russian world” in Eastern Europe by funding radicals

Hacked correspondence shows Kremlin’s efforts to promote “Russian world” in Eastern Europe by funding radicals

By UNIAN According to the leaked data, back in 2014, Usovsky pitched his ideas to promote “Russian world” to the team of the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, who is associated with a number of pro-Russian movements and branded the Kremlin’s cover to fund subversive operations in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, according to Informnapalm volunteer community. As early as August 2014, Usovsky gets EUR 100,000 for the organization of the

Disinformation in Action: Social Media Users Catch Sputnik International Accusing Georgia of Legalizing ‘Sodomy,’ ‘Lesbianism’

By Katerina Patin, Coda Georgian social media users flagged Russian disinformation in action on Monday, when the Kremlin-funded news network Sputnik International ran a story about Georgia updating its domestic violence laws to EU standards with the headline, “In Georgia lesbianism and sodomy might be permitted.” On the eve of getting visa-free travel to Europe, Georgia has updated its legislation on sexual assault, removing “sodomy, lesbianism” and “other perverted sexual

Annexation of Crimea beats space exploration as Russians’ proudest moment

Russians are prouder of the annexation of Crimea than they are of their nation’s achievements in space exploration, provided this year’s results of a Levada Center survey held annually since 1999. In January 2017, victory in the Second World War (called the Great Patriotic War in Russia) retained its leading position as the proudest moment of the Russian people. This option was selected by 83 percent of respondents. Second place

Russian official: Information war part of ‘battle for the consciousness of the masses’

By Emmanuel Grynszpan, EURACTIV.fr The new propaganda and cyber-warfare division of Russia’s ministry of defence is staffed by 1,000 people and has a budget of €300 million. Special efforts are being made to target the French presidential election. Euractiv France reports. Training to storm the Reichstag building, sending three new combat divisions to the eastern border and establishing an “army for information operations”: these are the latest activities of the

Weaponizing History: World War II Memorial Attackers Aim To Divide Poland and Ukraine

By Dan McLaughlin, Coda The two allies claim Moscow is using their fraught wartime history to stir up suspicions between them Seventy-three years ago, a visitor to the village of Huta Pieniacka in the icy backwoods of western Ukraine would find a wide clearing dotted with the tracks of deer and hare, ringed by trees tipped with frost, a quiet landscape steeped in blood. Nazi German troops had driven back

Did US ambassador to Russia really go to rally for assassinated Putin opponent?

By Alexandre Capron, The Observers A picture showing the US ambassador to Russia taking part in a protest to commemorate Boris Nemtsov, a political opponent of Putin who was assassinated in 2015, turns out to have been Photoshopped. The editorial team at French newspaper JDD were the first to call attention to the fake news item. They are one of the many partners of The Observers France 24 team on

Getting to the root of the “fake news” problem means fixing what’s broken about journalism itself

At MisinfoCon, stopping “fake news” wasn’t the only focus: Issues from news literacy to newsroom standards and reader empathy to ad revenue were all up for discussion. By Shan Wang, Nieman Lab The spread of misinformation, as well as deliberate, fabricated news content online, has many heads, and no single weapon exists to defend against it. At MisinfoCon, a summit this past weekend hosted by the First Draft Coalition, the

Hybrid Warfare in the Baltics: Threats and Potential Responses

By Andrew Radin, RAND Many policymakers and analysts have expressed concerns about Russian use of “hybrid warfare,” especially against Estonia and Latvia, which have significant Russian-speaking populations. The author of this report analyzes the hybrid threat to the Baltics by dividing potential Russian aggression in three categories: nonviolent subversion, covert violent action, and conventional warfare supported by subversion. The author finds that, given the growing integration of Russian speakers and

The Kremlin Reportedly Commissioned a Report on Russian State TV, and the Results Were Oof

By Kevin Rothrock, The Moscow Times The Putin administration commissioned an independent expert analysis of Russian network television, according to the news site Znak.com. The study was reportedly prepared in particular for Sergei Kiriyenko, the president’s first deputy chief of staff. Znak.com says a private company was hired to “make sense of the reality depicted on television,” and determine how well this presentation “facilitates Russia’s modernization.” The study has not

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