According to the leaked data, back in 2014, Usovsky pitched his ideas to promote “Russian world” to the team of the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, who is associated with a number of pro-Russian movements and branded the Kremlin’s cover to fund subversive operations in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, according to Informnapalm volunteer community.

As early as August 2014, Usovsky gets EUR 100,000 for the organization of the pro-Russian rallies in Eastern Europe in support of “Novorossiya.”

As noted, the active rallies were set up in the period from August to October, 2014. Later, Usovsky sends out reports on these protests to all of his potential future partners.

According to volunteers, it was Malofeev who allocated the money for the organization of said rallies as at the time he was in charge of the “DPR-LPR” direction in Russian foreign policy.

“Usovsky approached right-wing activists from OWP (Obóz Wielkiej Polski), Mateusz Piskorski’s Samooborona, and some other mid-level activists,” the researchers wrote.

According to the correspondence, in late October 2014, Usovsky traveled to Moscow for talks on the second phase of anti-Ukrainian rallies and promotion of the ideas of the “Russian world” in Eastern Europe, but he was suddenly rejected.

“As seen from further correspondence, after the first Minsk talks, the Novorossia project was passed from Malofeev on to the structures of [Putin’s aide] Surkov and Usovsky found himself with nothing. Surkov’s people considered him Malofeev’s puppet and did not want to engage him in anything, while Malofeev switched to the Balkans, where Usovskiy had no connections and could not be useful,” reads the report.

Moreover, the volunteers revealed a Russian trace in controversial protests at the UPA [Ukrainian Resurgent Army] monuments in Poland.

“The bulk of the funds was spent on organizing rallies against Poroshenko and the Ukrainian Army, for Novorossiya and Russian world. Some of the money also went to fight against the monuments to UPA troops in Poland,” the volunteers wrote.