The journalist of Russia Today Graham Phillips kisses the activist of DNR after record of the comment
The journalist of Russia Today Graham Phillips kisses the activist of DNR after record of the comment

A blogger from Donetsk with a nickname ‘pauluskp’ showed the true picture of the “parade of captured” Ukrainian soldiers organized by terrorists from DNR. He pointed out at the artificiality of “crowd scenes”, which were created for the plots of the Russian “media”.

On Thursday, on Ukrainian Unity Day in Ukraine (Jan.22, 2015), militants from DNR organized a ‘parade of prisoners’ of the military personnel of Armed forces of Ukraine. According to the Geneva Convention, such a treatment is one of the war crimes – captured soldiers of the opposing side deserve to be treated with dignity, ‘an offensive and degrading treatment’ is forbidden.

‘The wounded and exhausted soldiers were brought outside where a couple of ‘active citizens’ played their roles on camera. They shouted something to cyborgs (cyborg is a name which Ukrainians gave to their soldiers), something was thrown into them. After that captured Ukrainian soldiers were loaded into the truck and taken away. In plots of Russian so called journalists it seemed that prisoners of war will be torn to pieces by immense crowd’ – the blogger writes, showing a video taken from other foreshortening:

Actually, a crowd scene showed by Kremlin’s propaganda turned out a fiction. ‘The area is empty. In peacetime a road traffic accident would attract more curious idlers’ – the author notes.

Journalists of Public Television of Donbas found out people which commented on Russian TV channels the shelling of a bus stop in Donetsk. It turned out that it was an approved activists of DNR which ‘incidentally’ passed by.

‘I am also from the Donbas – and I’m not ashamed. I know the people who remained in the city. They wait for the Ukrainian army and they hate invaders. I see that this shameful attempt to humiliate the Ukrainian soldiers with this ostensibly mass hatred to them – has failed miserably. My fellow countrymen live in occupation conditions. There is no an opportunity to approach and encourage our soldiers because there are nearby armed bandits who will immediately react to any manifestation of sympathy. Therefore it is low and meanly to accuse now inhabitants of Donbas – the blogger concludes.

He offers a video of an interrogation of the Russian prisoner by Ukrainian soldiers for comparison:

Former ‘parade of prisoners’ revolted all world community, except for Russia which de facto preferred not to comment on a situation. Earlier Russian pseudo-mass media inflated the next wave of the anti-Ukrainian hysteria, accusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine without adducing any proof in the shelling of a trolley bus , killing seven people.

Source: Novoye Vremya (New Time)