By EU vs Disinfo

Disinformation is at the heart of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s regime.

The illegitimate president of Belarus is clinging to power based on a lie that he worn the presidential election in August 2020. He forcibly landed a commercial flight with over 120 passengers to detain a dissident journalist using a fake bomb threat as pretext. Belarusian state-controlled media, propped-up by pro-Kremlin “media specialists”, is engaged in all-encompassing disinformation campaign to justify and fuel violence against Belarusian citizens and silence any dissenting voices.

Since the outbreak of anti-Lukashenka protests in August 2020, EUvsDisinfo collected over 450 examples of pro-government and pro-Kremlin disinformation about Belarus, illustrating just the tip of the iceberg of the state-controlled (dis)information machine.

Here is a summary of our findings.

You can find the PDF version here.

By EU vs Disinfo