Terms of Use

StopFake.org Terms of Use

Website administration determines the rules of behaviour on the website and reserves the right to request the users to follow them. Ignorance of the rules does not release from abiding them. By posting messages on the website you agree to abide by these rules. All rights for materials, posted on the website, are protected by the Ukrainian and international copyright laws. The website administration bears no responsibility for the content in the advertisements and information articles, comments and users’ blogs in public and for the consequences of their publication and use. Website administration bears no responsibility for the damage caused by the usage or non-usage of their information or services.

The following is prohibited on the website:

  • Calls to forceful change or overthrow of the constitutional order or for take-over of government; calls committed to change the territorial boundaries or national borders of Ukraine in violation of the order provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine; straight anti-Ukrainian messages; calls to riotous damage, arson, destruction of property, taking control of buildings or constructions, forceful eviction of citizens; calls to an aggressive war or an armed conflict.
  • Direct or indirect insults, including insults of politicians, officials, journalists, other users; including insults based on origin, ethnicity or religion and chauvinist messages.
  • Messages that include swearing, pornographic, erotic or sexual content.
  • Offensive messages addressed to the authors of the articles or the users of the website.
  • Posting messages directed at provoking sharp responses from other website users.
  • Advertising (without the consent of the website administration), commercial ads, messages that bear no information or do not touch upon the topics of the website.
  • Messages and activities prohibited by the Ukrainian legislation.
  • Flooding (repeating of the same message).

If the users report a message, the moderator checks it. The moderator has the right to delete the message if it violates ToS. Any user can report violation of ToS in comments.

The website administration reserves the right to change ToS. The changes in ToS come in force after ToS have been updated. The website administration may deny the usage of the service to the users who violate ToS regularly. The website administration bears no responsibility for the content of the messages posted on the website by other users. The users bear full responsibility for the messages they post.