By Jim Kovpak, Russia Without BS

Since Trump’s election, Russian state TV has had a bizarre relationship with the man. Still full of hatred for Hillary and upset at Trump’s failure to change the status quo on sanctions or Syria, the Kremlin’s news has still maintained a more or less pro-Trump stance, but tempered with a conspiracy theory about how the hidden establishment is constraining the poor leader. Sound familiar? Not only is this almost identical to the excuses some Putin fanatics make as to why their brilliant leader can’t seem to solve some of Russia’s most pressing problems, but it also resembles the excuse used by Trump’s own fanatical base, who pin his failures on a non-existent “Deep State” (no, they don’t know what that word means).

Even now, Kremlin TV is still half-scolding, half-encouraging Donald Trump, as if he listens to them.

This is pretty hilarious when you consider that Donald Trump probably has no idea about any of this. To be sure, the US government no doubt has people watching the Russian media and trying to interpret what it might signify (and I suspect those people are overpaid and under-qualified), but I doubt anyone mentions this directly to the president.

Trump most likely can’t name a single major Russian state channel, nor has he any idea who Dmitry Kiselyov is. And this time I’m not making fun of Trump’s ignorance; I wouldn’t expect him to know any of this stuff.

What I find amusing here is how week after week Kiselyov is lecturing Trump or about Trump, and meanwhile Trump is more concerned about media gossip or TV ratings. It reminds me of something my friend once pointed out years ago- the average Russian thinks about the United States at least once a day (probably more if they watch TV), whereas many Americans, even now, go for days on end without seriously thinking about Russia (though to be fair with all this “Trump Russia” talk dominating the media, it’s understandably different from when he said that).

Trump is going to do what Trump wants to do, without any regard for what the Kremlin says. Kiselyov might as well be lecturing a brick wall.

By Jim Kovpak, Russia Without BS