On 13 December StopFake, represented by digital strategist Maria Zhdanova, together with the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy from Hungary, represented by its director Dániel Bartha, has held an international workshop on countering disinformation.

The event was organised by the Centre for International Relations in cooperation with the Prague Security Studies Institute from the Czech Republic in the framework of a project “Mythbusters” supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The workshop gathered 20 journalism students, activists and young media professionals in the Mohyla School of Journalism order to teach main techniques of verification and fact-checking, using examples from Ukrainian and Hungarian media space.

As the result of Mythbusters project a Guide on Critical Thinking has been developed. Featuring cases from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary this guide presents narratives and tactics of pro-Kremlin propaganda, whose main aim is not necessarily to persuade the audience about a “proper” version of events, but perhaps first of all to sow distrust in Western democracies, together with their institutions and leaders.

Download it here.