There are concerning news coming from the Cambridge University. The researches warn that the quick development of the Covid-19 vaccine could be not enough to spot the pandemic. They also demand intensified fight against the disinformation about the coronavirus.

As the Irish portal RTE reports, the researches analysed the poll data from 5000 people from 5 countries – Ireland, the UK, the US, Mexico and Spain. The participants were asked to evaluate the credibility of statements and popular myths about the Covid-19. The researchers state that the results prove the theory that there are a direct link between the conspiracy theories and the one’s stance towards the future vaccine for the sickness.

Therefore, over a quarter of Irishmen (26%) and not much less of the US and the UK citizens accept the statement that the coronavirus was developed in the laboratory in Wuhan, China and one fifth of the Irishman say that it is a part of a global conspiracy to enforce the universal vaccination. The same opinion is shared by 13% of the Brits, but 22% of the Mexicans.

Furthermore, 16% of the Mexicans and Spaniards, 12% of the Irishmen and 8% of the Brits and the Americans believe in the 5G conspiracy that states that the telecommunication antennas intensify Covid-19 symptoms. It is pretty obvious that those who declared their belief in such theories, declared lower probability of vaccinating themselves when the coronavirus vaccine is ready.

How does it look like in Poland? Well, according to the Ariadna panel’s poll for website, almost one in five Pole thinks there is no coronavirus pandemic and it is all a lie by politicians, pharmacists and media. What is really appalling – this view is shared by one third of the people aged 18-34. In general, 21% of Polish people do not fear the contagion, almost a half (48%) fear it a bit and 31% fear it a lot. On the other hand, almost a half of Polish (47%) consider the threat to be deadly serious and 29% to be moderate.

“As well as flagging false claims, governments and technology companies should explore ways to increase digital media literacy in the population. Otherwise, developing a working vaccine might not be enough”, said dr Sander van der Linden, one of the authors of the research about the influence of the fake news on citizens’ stances.



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