Image: Max Tucker’s Facebook

British journalist of The Times and The Sunday Times, Max Tucker received a call from Russian state-owned TV channel Russia 24 with an offer to participate in a propaganda scheme. He recorded the call and published it on SoundCloud.

“So Russian state TV tried to co-opt me into what sounds like a propaganda operation against President Poroshenko. I recorded the call and you can listen to it here:…/russian-propaganda-operation-caugh…

Some choice quotes:

“We have our colleagues in Ukraine, Ukrainian journalists, they have information, very exclusive, they could share it with us, but they would like us to cover it with a European journalist, to show it like they shared with a European journalist, and then he showed it to us.”

Me: You know that internationally your channel has a reputation for creating false stories?

“No, not Russia 24, maybe Russia 1… our channel is just informational, we have only news.”

Call came from the telephone of Sergey Baratynsky in Russia. They even offered to pay for my trip to Moscow…”

By Real Russia Today