“This week I bring you @RussiaInsider and the top three #KremlinTrolls (@MarcelSardo, @mkj1951, and @Malinka1102), writes Andrew Aaron Weisburd on the website Kremlin trolls. I began with those accounts in a reciprocal relationship with @RussiaInsider (as measured by Follower/Following relationships), then identified the reciprocal relationships of each of the top 3, and finally produced the graph. The graph contains only those accounts that have a reciprocal relationship with at least three of the four seeds. I clustered them based on who they do or do not have a relationship with, though I’m not sure there is any significance related to why some have no link to @Malinka1102, for example. For additional work, I’d suggest looking at the accounts you *don’t* immediately recognize, and see where they lead”.

By Kremlin trolls