1014612853The Sputnik multimedia news agency has announced the launch of its Norwegian language web site. The new media resource, no.sputniknews.com, offers diverse perspectives on major international topics. Sputnik’s websites reflect today’s multipolar world and are geared toward audiences interested in comparing alternative points of view. The Norwegian language website is the latest addition to the family of Sputnik news resources in English, French, Serbian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Kurdish, Swedish, German, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Kyrgyz and Abkhazian.

The quality of information published on no.sputniknews.com is guaranteed by the high professionalism of its journalists and the use of multimedia formats. The site provides a variety of content to its readers, including infographics, videos, photo stories and online voting. In addition to breaking news, Sputnik offers analytics, exclusive interviews, and expert opinions.

Sputnik Multimedia Group is a news agency and radio network with news hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik broadcasts through its websites, analog and digital radio, mobile device apps and social media. For subscribers, Sputnik news feeds operate around the clock in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese.

By Sputnik