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Russian chief editor wildly exaggerates Sputink’s Belarus audience

By Polygraph Margarita SimonyanChief Editor, Rossiya Segodnya“Sputnik Belarus in January had 10 million unique visitors, with the country’s population of 9.5 million. That is more than Radio Svoboda, the Polish BelSat and other foreign media in the country have, combined. I am proud!” Source: Twitter, Feb. 5, 2020 Partly False Simonyan exaggerated the actual number of unique visitors by a factor of two. On Feb. 5, Margarita Simonyan, chief editor

A quarter of Belarusians rely on Russian media for news, new study says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia One Belarusian in four has not read the Belarusian media during the last month but instead relies on Russian media often delivered via the Internet, according to Mikhail Doroshevich, the director of the Baltic Internet Policy Initiative, on the basis of a new survey. This group watches NTV on the Internet, goes to Russian portals like Lenta.ru, and communicates with each other via Russian

Kremlin Watch Briefing: NATO is allegedly brain-dead. What does the Kremlin think?

Topics of the Week Russia takes advantage of the power vacuum in the Balkans to expand its economic and political influence. US Senate sheds light on GRU’s online operations and pseudo-think tanks. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: NATO might be brain-dead, but so are all the European leaders. Is there a way for the West to engage with Belarus? Good Old Soviet Joke Question for the Radio Yerevan: Is it true that

Your friendly local pro-Kremlin outlet: disinformation in Belarus

By EU vs Disinfo Pro-Kremlin disinformation increasingly exploits Belarusians’ trust in local news to question sovereignty of Belarus and undermine its people, language and culture.  “Over 40 crews of harvester operators reached the  milestone of 1 thousand tons of grain” – a proud headline informs the readers of a regional news website in the Grodno region in the west of Belarus. But beyond the impressive achievements of Grodno harvester operators the website provides more

Russophobia, dependence, and the Belarusian gay-opposition

By EU vs Disinfo Last week, the pro-Kremlin media claimed that Russophobia is Lithuania’s main export, but in reality, it’s mineral fuels and machinery. But this case offers a great opportunity to ask, what’s the main “export” of the pro-Kremlin media? Based on the more than 70 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation collected this past week, Russophobia is supposedly found in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the US

Figure of the week: 49

By EU vs Disinfo Programs produced in Russia make up about 49% of prime-time content on Belarusian TV channels, research by the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) found. For the week of November 16-25, 2018, the BAJ monitored prime-time content of the Belarusian TV channels that comprise the government-approved compulsory publicly available TV package. The research revealed that 30% of the political talk shows and programs that the Belarusian TV channels broadcast on

Edward Lucas: Russia’s only ally

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA The West Needs to Formulate a Belarus Policy Before It Is Too Late Most countries don’t know what goes on in Europe’s last dictatorship. Most don’t care, either. For all but a handful of its western neighbors, Belarus is a geopolitical black hole, neglected and ignored in equal measure. The regime in Minsk has signaled some desire to improve ties with the United States, lifting a cap

Can Forrest Gump Defeat Russian Propaganda in Belarus?

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Sometimes the simultaneous appearance of two stories apparently unrelated sheds light on issues more clearly than either of them does on its own. That is the case of two stories today from Belarus, one about Moscow’s promotion of Russophile books in that country and the other about the release of a Belarusian version of “Forrest Gump.” Nasha Niva has investigated how money from the

Russian Media Outlets Falsely Accuse Belarusian Brothers of Brussels Attack

On March 14, eight days before the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Russian media outlet Lifenews reported (archive) that two Belarusian brothers, Ivan and Aleksey Dovbash, and an accomplice, Marat Yunusov, were planning a terrorist attack in Belgium. After terrorist attacks did take place in Belgium the following week, Lifenews doubled down, naming the brothers Dovbash and Yunusov as the “alleged” suicide bombers who attacked a metro station and airport in Brussels. Lifenews also reported (archive)

Lukashenka’s Regime Threatens Both Ukraine And NATO Countries

An article about the impact of propaganda on public opinion in Belarus written by the editor-in-chief of charter97.org Natallia Radzina has been published by the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies: Today, the Belarusian public opinion about the events in Ukraine is mostly negative. The main reason for this state of affairs is that apart from the portal “Charter’97” and a few other remaining independent media outlets, all

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