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The oligarchs are the main disinformation proxies in Bulgaria, says local expert

By Metamorphosis Foundation, for Global Voices This interview originally appeared on Meta.mk News Agency, a project of Metamorphosis Foundation. An edited version is published below as part of a content-sharing agreement. Rumena Filipova is DPhil and MPhil in International Relations, University of Oxford, having completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. She taught undergraduate courses at Oxford University, and she has been a visiting fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center,

Bulgaria Challenges Moscow: Sofia fights back against Russia’s distortions of history

By Janusz Bugajsky, for CEPA Despite Bulgaria’s NATO membership, Moscow has exploited its historically cordial ties with Sofia to undermine the country’s Western commitments. However, a struggle is now intensifying between traditional pro-Russia lobbies and Western-leaning activists who are reasserting Bulgarian identity. To fully affirm its distinctiveness, Bulgaria needs to reclaim its history, uphold its sovereignty, and thwart Moscow’s pernicious political influences. Russian officials have traditionally depicted Bulgarians, similarly to

Russian Foreign Ministry denies Red Army brought repression to Bulgaria in 1944

By Polygraph Maria Zakharova Spokesperson, Russian Foreign Ministry “By declaring that the Red Army brought so-called repressions, Bulgaria is engaged in rewriting history. This is a dangerous trend, because it is illegal.” Source: TASS False Zakharova is wrong that disputing Moscow’s version of history is illegal in Bulgaria. On September 9, the Russian Embassy in Sofia opened an exhibition to celebrate the 75th anniversary of “the liberation of Eastern Europe

Russian influence in the media sectors of the Black Sea countries

By Center for the Study of Democracy The report explores Russia’s corporate presence and influence in the media sectors of five Black Sea countries (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia) by providing deeper understanding of the links between media ownership and anti-Western propaganda and disinformation. Corruption networks and soft media power have allowed Russia to benefit from inherent governance deficits in these Black Sea countries to infiltrate businesses, and to

Hybrid war as a challenge to the national security of Bulgaria

By Mihail Naydenov, for Bulgaria Analytica Hybrid war is not declared. Instead, it is just fought. The countries under attack are quite often unable to understand that they fall victim to hybrid influence. This is first of all a war of perceptions and the main assault is directed at this juncture. The aim is to keep as long as possible a state of ambiguity and confusion among the country’s leadership and society. The

The Russian subversion of the defense system of Bulgaria – an enabler for “state capture”

By Mihail Naydenov, for Bulgaria Analytica Hybrid war is not declared. It is being fought, instead. This is the essence of the strategy of today’s actors, be they state or non-state, in their aggressive hybrid warfare campaigns. The countries under attack are quite often unable to understand what is really happening on the ground until it might be too late. Since the end of the Cold War Russia has been

Co-opting discontent: Russian propaganda in the Bulgarian media

By Dimitar Vatsov, Milena Iakimova, for Eurozine Russian propaganda co-opts western grassroots criticism of liberalism and globalization, recasting both left and right populism in nationalist terms. Vice versa, local actors borrow the Russian propaganda package and use it for their populist purposes. An analysis of the Bulgarian media landscape 2013–2016. More than two years ago, a small group of Bulgarian researchers in the social and human sciences (including ourselves) was

The Monumental Obsession of Bulgaria’s Russophiles

By Michael Colborne, for Codastory Could a campaign to protect Soviet-era statues become a future Kremlin Trojan horse in Bulgaria? To hear Nikolai Malinov tell it, his 35,000-strong National Movement of Russophiles is just a cultural movement, a big club that puts up statues and organizes festivals to remind Bulgarians of their country’s longstanding historical, cultural and linguistic ties with Russia. But he is also clear about his views. “Russia today has

Fake: Visa-Free Travel Useless. Ukrainians Denied Entry to Bulgaria

Ukrainian visa-free travel to the European Union continues to produce an inordinately large number of fakes in the Russian media. We’ve already seen claims that visa-free travel would lead to growing sex trafficking from Ukraine as well as fake stories claiming that most Ukrainians are not at all interested in visa-free travel to Europe. Russia’s internet newspaper Ukraina.ru has added its voice to the cacophony of fakes in a false story claiming that visa-free

Made in Bulgaria: Pro-Russian Propaganda

Bulgarian fake-news agents often promote Moscow’s line not for Russia’s sake, but for their own political interests By Michael Colborne, for Codastory In the tiny town of Pliska, a former capital of Bulgaria set amid rolling plains, a mother and son are hard at work, posting pro-Russian propaganda on Facebook from the projection room of a disused outdoor movie theater. Within a day, according to Bulgarian media, they publish hundreds

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