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Bestiarium Kremlinensis A – B

By EU vs Disinfo Warning: Satire Fear is the main element in the pro-Kremlin disinformation ecosystem. The EUvsDisinfo has earlier outlined a few of the phobias, plaguing the pro-Kremlin media. In a series of articles, we will continue to explore the nightmares of the Kremlin’s State of Fear and present the Kremlin Bestiary. The Anglo-Saxon Saxonum Angliae The Anglo-Saxon is, together with the Banker, one of the longest-living beast in the

Black Is The New Orange

By EU vs Disinfo The Kremlin’s New Take on Colour Revolutions Pro-Kremlin media are continuing to push disinformation around the racial injustice protests in the US – claiming for example that the Democratic Party and philanthropist George Soros are funding the demonstrations with “dirty money” obtained in Ukraine. The idea that the protests are part of the “colour revolution” playbook also persist, with claims that George Floyd’s death at the hands

Pro-Kremlin disinformation keeps ignoring basic facts on Syria

By EU vs Disinfo Disinformation Ignores Responsibilities of Russia and its Allies, Scapegoats the EU EU sanctions on Syria have been a favourite target of disinformation from Russia and pro-Kremlin media to discredit the EU’s action in and policy towards Syria. This week we devote the Disinformation Review largely to disinformation on Syria, EU policies and the sanctions regime. Lately, Russian officials and pro-Kremlin media in Arabic exploited the political

The secret labs conspiracy: a converging narrative

By EU vs Disinfo Some observers have recently argued about a convergence of narratives between pro-Kremlin and Chinese disinformation networks. We have taken a closer look at the  “clandestine US biolabs” conspiracy theory. “The United States has deployed more than 200 military biological laboratories across the world. Among them, more than 30 have been exposed. The rest are hidden in unknown places. They may be right beside you”, an alarming

Facebook uses Ukrainian nazis to fight Russia, and other absurdities

By EU vs Disinfo Dealing with disinformation is often psychologically draining – both for its creators as well as for those fighting against it. To be constantly immersed in lies and distortive half-truths, unmoored from reality, takes a toll on us all. This is why it is sometimes refreshing to highlight how absurd, even laughable, pro-Kremlin disinformation can be. Like the claim that Facebook uses Ukrainian Nazis to fight Russia. Or that the US

Russia denies ‘territorial claims,’ but what about these?

By Polygraph Dmitry PeskovRussian presidential spokesman“No, Russia doesn’t have any territorial claims against its neighbors.”Source: TASS, June 22, 2020MISLEADING On June 22, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, “Russia doesn’t have any territorial claims against its neighbors.” He was commenting on President Vladimir Putin’s remarks in an interview for the documentary film “Russia. Kremlin. Putin.” broadcast by Rossiya-1 state television on June 21. In the documentary, Putin said that with the Soviet Union’s breakup

Throwing darts to see what sticks

By EU vs Disinfo A consistent principle of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign is to keep its audience’s heads in a permanent state of spin. Confusion, after all, is paralysing. When people cannot make sense of reality, they cannot act coherently in their own self-interest. The devilishly brilliant political parody account on Twitter @DarthPutinKGB said it best: “We don’t make up so many lies so you’ll believe one of them, we do it

Being occupied as a privilege

By EU vs Disinfo In September last year we revealed how the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs smeared the Baltic countries by claiming they have not become democracies respecting the rule of law. Despite the pushback, the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign has once again been dialled to history, due to the postponed Victory day parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of WWII. This time, the kick-off came from the Twitter account of the Russian embassy

Russian disinformation campaign against Ukraine is unfolding in Portugal

By InformNapalm Since the beginning of June, Russia has been actively pushing a new disinformation information operation against Ukraine in Portugal, with messages and narratives typical of the Russian propaganda. InformNapalm volunteers from the Ukrainian diaspora in Portugal noticed signs of deliberate anti-Ukrainian media campaign. The culmination of this special operation was on June 21, 2020, when one of the most popular Portuguese newspapers Público published 3 articles at once, in

A fierce attack into nowhere

By EU vs Disinfo “Secondary Infektion” – Powerful, Useless and Dangerous Secondary Infektion is a campaign that since 2014 has used fake accounts and forged documents to sow conflict between Western countries. Researchers from the research company Graphika have tied the campaign to Russia. The campaign is technically sophisticated, it covers its tracks very well. At least 2 500 pieces of content: fake letters, forged blogs, have been published. The report describes a

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