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A digital media literacy intervention increases discernment between mainstream and false news in the United States and India

By Andrew M. Guess, Michael Lerner, Benjamin Lyons, Jacob M. Montgomery, Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, and Neelanjan Sircar, for PNAS Read PDF here. PNAS first published June 22, 2020 https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.192049811 Edited by David G. Rand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, and accepted by Editorial Board Member Margaret Levi April 28, 2020 (received for review November 20, 2019) Significance Few people are prepared to effectively navigate the online information environment. This global deficit in digital media literacy has

A new game plays with ideas about how disinformation works in East Africa

By Amanda Lichtenstein, for Global Voices Disinformation — intentionally “fake news” — is a chronic problem everywhere in the world, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated information overload. From fake coronavirus cures to misleading information about mandatory vaccinations that have stoked fears worldwide, it has become increasingly difficult to suss out the truth. All it takes is the click of a “share” or “forward” button for disinformation to become misinformation that spreads like wildfire

Journalists become media literacy teachers

By Colleen Shalby, for NiemanLab “We’ve been taught not to be the story, or divert from our priorities to inform the public and protect the truth. But if we want to continue to reestablish trust with our audiences and re-enforce our industry, now’s the time to teach.” Colleen Shalby On the eve of 2020, a space in the nation’s capital dedicated to the past, present and future of journalism will

Defending democracy through media literacy

By Jakub Kalenský, for Disinfo Portal This is the transcript of a speech given by Jakub Kalenský at the International Workshop on Defending Democracy through Media Literacy in Taipei, Taiwan. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American Institute in Taiwan, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Swedish Trade and Investment Council in Taipei, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute, the two-day event underscores the commitment of freedom-loving

How To Spot Fake News

By IFLA Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy, and the mission of libraries is to educate and advocate its importance. Discussions about fake news has led to a new focus on media literacy more broadly, and the role of libraries and other education institutions in providing this. When Oxford Dictionaries announce post-truth is Word of the Year 2016, we as librarians realise action is needed

The Ultimate Cure for the Fake-News Epidemic Will Be More Skeptical Readers

New algorithms will help — but users’ skepticism is the ultimate weapon By David Pogue, Scientific American February 2017 Issue “Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President.” “FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead of Apparent Murder-Suicide.” “Rush Reveals Michelle’s Perverted Past After She Dumps on Trump.” Those headlines didn’t come from the New York Times or CNN; they were likely written by teenagers in Macedonia.

Did media literacy backfire?

By Danah Boyd, Points Anxious about the widespread consumption and spread of propaganda and fake news during this year’s election cycle, many progressives are calling for an increased commitment to media literacy programs. Others are clamoring for solutions that focus on expert fact-checking and labeling. Both of these approaches are likely to fail — not because they are bad ideas, but because they fail to take into consideration the cultural context of

Seven strategies of domestic Russian propaganda

An important attribute of Russia’s modern policy has been the growth in military hysteria and the constant need for both internal and external enemies. The increase in aggression and belligerence among the population was also not implemented in one fell swoop: rather, it was cultivated over a period of several years, although its apogee was reached with the advent of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Here follows an overview of the main strategies

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