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The distorting mirror – A conversation between Igor Pomerantsev and Peter Pomerantsev

By Igor Pomerantsev, Peter Pomerantsev, for Eurozine Russia as the liberal unconscious, source of all that the West finds abject and unsettling? There is something to be said for this theory, says Peter Pomerantsev in conversation with his father Igor, the émigré dissident and poet. But where does it put the myth of central Europe as ‘kidnapped West’, not to mention contemporary Ukrainian occidentalism?  Peter Pomerantsev: We are recording this

How to Stop Disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine for the Wider World

The latest ‘Beyond Propaganda’ paper looks at Ukraine as a laboratory of information war. Authored by Marina Pesenti and Peter Pomerantsev, this publication examines initiatives undertaken by the government, media, and civil society and seeks to identify techniques that can help other democracies counter new forms of disinformation. How to Stop Disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine for the Wider World [PDF] By Marina Pesenti and Peter Pomerantsev August 2016 Published by the

Peter Pomerantsev: Why We’re Post-Fact

As his army blatantly annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin went on TV and, with a smirk, told the world there were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. He wasn’t lying so much as saying the truth doesn’t matter. And when Donald Trump makes up facts on a whim, claims that he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the Twin Towers coming down, or that the Mexican government purposefully sends ‘bad’

Debunking Lies and Stopping Fakes: Lessons from the Frontline

For the Kremlin, propaganda has become an integral part of information warfare. Throughout the past decade the Russian propaganda machine has been structured and effectively implemented, reaching a climax during the occupation of Crimea and the subsequent devastating war in Eastern Ukraine. It started in 2005 with the creation of Russia Today (subsequently RT) and every year more “media” outlets are added to this global network. Almost every week another

Brave New War: a new form of conflict emerged in 2015

From China in Asia to Russia in Europe and the Middle East, and ISIS just about everywhere, 2015 has seen the flourishing of conflicts that exist in a gray zone, one which is not quite open war but more than regular competition, which is attuned to globalization, which liberal democracies are ill-equipped to deal with, and which may well be the way power is exercised and conflict conducted in the

The TV vs. the Fridge

In Russia, economic decline isn’t translating into dissatisfaction with Putin, write Peter Pomerantsev and Nathan Gamester for Foreign Policy. Here’s why. In Russia they call it the “battle between the television and the fridge” — the tension between propaganda-fueled patriotic euphoria and a darkening economic reality. Which of these will matter more to the Russian people? Which will influence their opinion of their government? First, the case for the fridge.

Beating the Islamist propagandists

Barely 12 hours had passed since the siege on Paris’ Bataclan theater ended and already the propagandists of the Islamic State had put together audio and textual statements claiming responsibility for the attack, in French, Arabic and English. Within minutes, tens of thousands of people had seen their audacious, gloating claim. Within hours, it would be millions. In the days since, the group’s propagandists have continued working overtime, producing and

Russian Propaganda: ‘The Weaponization of Information’

When a Russian news outlet edited the U.S. ambassador into a picture of an opposition rally, the U.S. Embassy countered by editing the ambassador into a series of improbable photos — for instance, on the moon and at an ice hockey rink. The idea was to show that the original photo was propaganda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Benjamin Ziff told a Senate subcommittee in Washington on Tuesday. The ploy

We’re all Putin’s ‘useful idiots’

Watching Russian TV recently is a disturbing business. As Stephen Ennis at BBC Monitoring has painstakingly recorded, Russian media has developed a habit of delivering death threats to opposition members, using anti-Semitic insinuations against its opponents, screaming about the threat of the “homosexual sodomite tsunami,” and recommending burning the hearts of homosexuals while indulging in “techniques of psychological conditioning designed to excite extreme emotions of aggression and hatred in the viewer.” It

Peter Pomerantsev: Beyond Propaganda

How authoritarian regimes are learning to engineer human souls in the age of Facebook. This essay is adapted from the first in a series of publications by the Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum on the politics of information in the 21st century. Pity the poor propagandist! Back in the 20th century, it was a lot easier to control an authoritarian country’s hearts and minds. All domestic media could be directed out of a government

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