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Brian Whitmore: A viral Victory Day

By Brian Whitmore, for CEPA The subdued Victory Day celebrations in Russia this weekend were an apt metaphor for the state of Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine as it struggles with a global pandemic.  No military parade on Red Square. No columns of soldiers and veterans. No World War II-vintage Red Army vehicles. And no modern military hardware to showcase for the world. But May 9 did feature fireworks, a flyover

StopFake #224 with Paul Niland

Fake: Ukraine makes opposition to NATO and the EU illegal. Ukraine introduces dual citizenship for western lobbyists. Victory Day holiday to be replaced with Europe Day in Ukraine.

Fake: Europe Day to Replace Victory Day in Ukraine

As part of a national campaign to eradicate all Soviet holidays, Ukraine wants to replace Victory Day with Europe Day, declared the pro-Kremlin site Ukraina.ru last week. “Attacks on holidays are continuing for the last three years, nationalists are trying to rewrite the history of Ukraine according to new ideological guidelines. Victory Day and International Women’s Day are singled out for particular repudiation,” writes Ukraina.ru. As its source for this

Ukrainian Media Use Fake Video to Prove Fighting in Donetsk

Ukrainian online media reported that illegall armed separatist groups organized attacks from a self-propelled artillery installation in Donetsk. But the video that was offered as proof was actually shot in 2009. Nevertheless, it was uploaded on June 23, 2015, on Youtube (Action Tube (WAR: UKRAINE-RUSSIA). The misleading video spread quickly. The Podrobnosti ran the video the same day, announcing: “An organized attack from self-propelled artillery systems on the streets of

The series of posters links Ukraine’s current struggle to WWII

Despite Russian propaganda’s allegations of Ukraine’s new government’s attempts to erase the victory over Nazism from memory, Ukrainians continue to produce works of art linking their fight for independence to the tribulations of WWII. After the two popular videos showing grandkids fighting the resurgent fascism just like their grandparents did comes a series of posters showing striking parralels between WWII and the Russia-Ukraine war. By Euromaidan Press

Fake: Ukraine Cancels Victory Day, Plans to Dismantle Vatutin Monument

On May 9, Russia 24 and Russia 1 broadcast a 26-minutes film “The Last Battle. Film 2. Special Coverage by Anna Afanasieva.” It contains several false claims. The voice-over says: “[World War II veteran] Anna Fiodorovna could not imagine that her heroic deeds would be doubted in her native country and Victory Day would be cancelled.” The assertion is ridiculous. Victory Day was not cancelled. To the contrary, May 9

Fake: Veterans Exchange Medals for Food in Chernigiv

Several Russian sites, Antifascist and Pravda.ru in particular, falsely claimed that volunteers in Chernigiv collected medals of Ukrainian World War II veterans in exchange for food. An action “Feed the Communist” did take place in Chernigiv. Activists exchanged a loaf of bread for a Russian St. George ribbon (which was not a medal during the war). However, nobody accepted real medals from actual veterans. Antifascist also falsely reported that the

Fake: Poroshenko Makes Bandera Flag Symbol of Victory Day

On April 30, Russia media (the Russian Ministry of Defence television channel Zvezda, Ren-TV, Russian Channel 5, Pravda.ru) falsely reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had officially made the flag of Bandera a symbol of Victory Day (May 9). “The President gave an opinion that the colors of the OUN-UPA organization on the celebration of Victory Day would be a symbol of respect to the veterans,” Zvezda reported. However, Petro

Kharkiv Forbids Veterans from Wearing St. George Ribbons

On April 20, Russia’s Lifenews edition falsely reported that a regional council head forbade Second World War veterans in Kharkiv from wearing St. George ribbons and flags (commemorating the Red Army’s victory) during a Victory Day’s march on May 9. The piece also manipulated a quote by Kharkiv Regional State Administration. It states: “Defenders of Kharkiv were warned officially: entrance for the holiday is forbidden for those with St. George

Fake: Lviv Officer Proposes Annulling the Order for Courage

On March 13, the website for the Russian Ministry of Defense’s television channel Zvezda incorrectly reported that World War II veterans living in Lviv had been advised not to wear their medals on May 9, Victory Day, for safety reasons. It also reported – again incorrectly – that an administrator at the Historical Museum of the Petro Sahaidachnyi Army Academy of Ukraine, Reserve Colonel Mykhailo Slobodianiuk, had proposed annulling the

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