TrolleyBust– a beta version of services to block anti-Ukrainian propaganda – has been launched in Ukraine.

TrolleyBust’s founders wrote on the service’s homepage that this is a resource for volunteers to combine their efforts in dealing with propaganda directed against Ukraine and Ukrainians. They invite those who are interested to join the project in order to block bots, fake web accounts and those of paid advocates and so-called “experts” who are working to discredit the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

On their Facebook page, the organizers state that the project is an interface to a database:

“After registration, the access to our knowledge base on how to lock + analytics + search not only by the comments, but also by posts + the possibility of marking propagandists + additional features that simplify the lock. It would precipitate giving access to these functions in an anonymous mode. Therefore for real work registration is required. After that, we check the information on the registered account and activate (or not activate;)) full access.”

12  TrolleyBust

Through the TrolleyBust service, participants can look for bots and trolls and to inform administrators of social nets about such accounts. So far, volunteers are encouraged by the volume of requests from users to register to the service.