By EUvsDisinfo

On the 7th of May in Moscow, Putin was sworn in for his next six-year term as president following the heavily manipulated and doctored ‘elections’. Since the year 2000, he has evolved into the Czar, now spending all the country’s resources on Russia’s war against Ukraine, defining his era.

The 7th of May show, with its extensive pathos, fanfare and coverage of even Putin’s tiniest moves was a further step in building the cult of personality. On the 9th of May, Moscow will see the WWII parade and an orgy of military posture designed to impress and menace the world.

Following tradition, we cut through the chatter and decipher Putin’s words for you.

What he saidWhat it really means
The interests of the people will be my foremost concernMy main concern is to remain in power
We will determine the fate of Russia ourselves, and only ourselvesI have destroyed Russia’s international relations
The citizens have confirmed that the country is on the right courseElections? Sure, as long as I win. 
We will pass through this difficult period with dignity and emerge strongerNo time to weep. Work and shut up!
We are not rejecting dialogue with Western statesI want everybody to recognise my right to conquer the land of others
[The West] decides whether to continue its policy of aggression or seek cooperation and peaceYeah, I start wars. Russia bombs and destroys, that is my right
We are open to talks, including on security and strategic stabilityI want to dominate Europe and my neighbours
In this complex world, we must strive to be self-sufficient and open up new horizonsI have driven Russia fully into the arms of China
Those who have proved loyalty to the Fatherland will achieve leading positions in government or businessOnly blind loyalty counts under my rule 
We must bring up new generations who will strengthen Russia’s mightState propaganda in schools must accelerate
Together we will overcome all obstaclesStand by for mobilisation and more war

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By EUvsDisinfo