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Putin Doesn’t Want Russians to Continue Focusing on Crimea, Goryunova Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Vladimir Putin, who exploited Russian euphoria over the Anschluss of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea three years ago to boost his own power, now wants Russians to pay less attention to that region so that they will not be as inclined to complain about the costs to them of that annexation, according to Yevgeniya Goryunova. “Russian euphoria about the annexation of Crimea has significantly

Putin’s Anti-Ukrainian Propaganda Playing Role State Anti-Semitism Did in Soviet Times, Ikhlov Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Russia Vladimir Putin’s “rabid” anti-Ukrainian propaganda resembles and is intended to have a similar outcome to Soviet state anti-Semitism, or “anti-Zionism” as it was called, Yevgeny Ikhlov says. And like the earlier one, Putin’s current one is about “killing off of another culture” and absorbing its bearers into a Moscow-approved effort. The Russian commentator points out that “’anti-Zionism’ had many goals, but one of them

The ‘Russophobia’ Weapon

By Brian Whitmore, RFE/RL Sergei Lavrov sees “Russophobia” everywhere. Allegations that Moscow is supplying arms to the Taliban are “Russophobic.” Accusations that Russia is interfering in Western elections are “Russophobic.” And claims that the Kremlin is trying to undermine the European Union are, you guessed it, “Russophobic.” And it isn’t just Lavrov. Federation Council deputy Aleksei Pushkov, the former chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has said

Moscow Completely Restores and Actively Promotes Stalinist Conception of World War II, Pavlova Says

The Putin regime not only has completely restored the Stalinist conception of World War II but is promoting it in the media and the schools in ways that will make it ever more difficult for Russians to break out of that ideological straightjacket, according to Irina Pavlova (ivpavlova.blogspot.com/2017/05/blog-post_6.html). The US-based Russian historian points to a recent article in Komsomolskaya Pravda as evidence. Entitled “The Americans Prepared Hitler for War with

Putin’s Reliance on Victory Day Highlights His Weakness, Zapolsky Says

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia Vladimir Putin’s attempt to use the Soviet victory in World War II to legitimize himself and his regime reflects not the strength but the weakness of his position, given that Victory Day as it currently exists in Russia is “one of the weakest elements in the arsenal of Putinism,” according to Dmitry Zapolsky. The Russian opposition journalist who was forced to move to Finland

Bad Explainers: The Economist Misses the Point on Ukraine

By Jim Kovpak, for StopFake Often people assume that it is only Russian media that distorts the truth about Ukraine and as a rule Western media is more factual and trustworthy. While it is true that there is a huge difference between Russia’s consolidated state-run media, which is deliberately run as a propaganda organ, and the multitude of privately and publicly owned media in the West, this does not always

‘Crimean Effect Weaker But Still Significant for the Kremlin, Experts Say

By Paul Goble, Window on Eurasia With the passing of time, the euphoria with which Russians greeted the Crimean Anschluss has weakened, a process that has been intensified by declines in standard of living and that has left public attitudes about the regime more negative than they were even before Vladimir Putin seized the Ukrainian peninsula. Indeed, a study by the Levada Center, says that “assessments of the activity of

How does Russian propaganda cover the Russia protests? It’s awkward

By Jon Levine, for MediaITE It’s not easy being a state-sponsored propaganda news organization when your country is embroiled in domestic unrest. Case in point RT. Once more commonly known by its full name — Russia Today — the Kremlin-financed media organization walked a delicate line covering scenes of protest and disorder that broke in Moscow on Sunday. On the English language edition of its website, Monday, the network appeared

Stalin’s Great Terror Wasn’t So Bad, Putin TV Suggests

The evolution in official Russian treatment of Stalin continues. He is no longer a tyrant nor is he an effective manager who may have occasionally exceeded the bounds of the acceptable. Now, the late Soviet dictator is being refashioned into a great leader without modification who is unjustly attacked by the opponents of Russia. An indication of this latest shift came on Friday night during Roman Babayan’s talk show on

How the West Can Defend Itself From Putin’s Russia

It’s time to return to a Cold War mentality By Yascha Mounk, Slate Two years ago, when Garry Kasparov, the chess champion turned political dissident, began to warn that Vladimir Putin sought to undermine liberal democracy—not only in neighboring countries, but all over the West—he was widely written off as a crank. After Russia managed to hack the servers of the Democratic National Committee and spread fake news on an

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