Putin Can’t Stop the Internet

Putin Can’t Stop the Internet

Since the days of the Soviet Union, Russians have found ways to communicate using new technologies. In 1955 a young Soviet physicist named Vladimir Fridkin created something amazing: a boxlike machine, more than 3 feet high and 2 feet across, with two cylinders on the top and the high-current generator attached, that produced a very first copy of a photograph in the Soviet Union. Fridkin proudly named the device the

Russia Today Airs Bizarre Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton

RT, or Russia Today, the overseas propaganda network of Vladimir Putin, is not known for its fealty to reality or basic standards of journalism. As The New Republic and Tablet contributor Michael Moynihan has documented, whether it’s attempting to obscure the mass murder of Syrian civilians by Russian ally Bashar al-Assad, featuring conspiracy theorists as experts, claiming 9/11 was an inside job, suggesting the Rothschilds were behind the disappearance of

Finnish researcher: Russia ramping up its information war

Russia has intensified its ongoing information war against the West since the onset of the Ukraine crisis in 2014. Finnish author Saara Jantunen says the campaign cannot be reduced to a few crazies blowing off steam, because at its worst the goal is to encourage public mayhem via false information. She also claims people in Finland who call attention to the looming threat are being silenced. Doctor of Military Science

Putin Begins Propaganda Blitz to Sell his Syrian Bombing Campaign

The Russian government has launched an all-out media campaign to sell its involvement in Syria to the Russian people. On all official television channels (which are pretty much the only ones in Russia that count), viewers have been subjected to a nonstop barrage of the Russian bombing campaign over the past two weeks. Bombers are seen flying sorties over Syrian targets; targets are destroyed with precision-guided munitions and filmed by

Exploring Russia’s 53rd Brigade’s MH17 Convoy with StoryMap

As part of our new report examining the open source evidence of the downing of Flight MH17 (read it here) we tracked the movement of the Russian military convoy that transported the Buk missile launcher to the border with Ukraine. Using StoryMap we’ve put together this interactive map of the route the 53rd Brigade  By Bellingcat

Russian Embassy in Great Britain Uses Fake Photo of British Veterans

On October 9, the Russian Federation’s Embassy in Great Britain posted a fake photo on its official Twitter page of a group of British World War II veterans. It used the photo to illustrate a story about an alleged gathering of Allied war veterans in Russian-occupied Crimea on October 6. The image was clearly used to exaggerate participation by British veterans at the gathering. In fact, only three came to

How Kremlin propaganda works in Europe

Despite the repeated statements by EU leaders about the need to fight back the Russian propaganda, the Kremlin media continues its “brainwashing”. Politics, Religion, World War II, “lost” territories, “American spies”, “rightfulness” of the Crimea annexation and the war in Ukraine – the is an incomplete list of topics raised by the workers of the Russian “information machine”. The example of Slovakia, however, as the ones of Hungary and the

Russia’s Media Glamorizing Military Exploits In Syria

War propaganda is something that has been there and about since the 20th century. During the Great War or the First World War as we have come to call it now, Great Britain initiated a public smear campaign directed towards the Germans in a bid to destroy their image in front of the world. Indeed, the tactic worked wonders and played a crucial role in the eventual victory of GB.

How the Dutch Safety Board Proved Russia Faked MH17 Evidence

With the release of the Dutch Safety Board report into the downing of Flight MH17 it is now possible to compare the evidence gathered by the Dutch Safety Board with claims made by the Russian Ministry of Defence in their July 21st 2014 press conference on the downing of Flight MH17. In Bellingcat’s “Russia’s Colin Powell Moment – How the Russian Government’s MH17 Lies Were Exposed” four claims made by

NTV Reports of “Insurgent” Children’s Text Book in Ukraine

On October 14, Defender of Ukraine Day, the Russian television channel NTV falsely reported that Ukrainians had allegedly started teaching their children with a “Bandera” educational primer. “The television channel was actually resurrecting a story which was initiated by Ukrainian TV channels a year ago about an “Insurgent ABC book.” But what NTV wrongly called a textbook for schools was actually an ordinary fiction book for children about World War II.”

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