Fake: EU Calls the Free Trade Zone with Ukraine Useless

Fake: EU Calls the Free Trade Zone with Ukraine Useless

The Russian website Ukraina.ru published a story claiming the European Union has admitted the Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine is futile. The article states that the Free Trade Zone is a complete failure because impoverished Ukrainians don’t buy European goods and domestic companies are not ready to enter the European market. The article attributes these claims to the head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Jan Tombinsky, who allegedly said

Bild: Putin’s shadow government for Donbass exposed

BILD has obtained a document containing the true plans by Russia for the occupied territory of the Donbass. The records of the “Inter-ministerial Commission for the Provision of Humanitarian Aid for the affected Areas in the Southeast of the Regions of Donetsk and Luhansk” from 23rd October 2015 reveal what observers have long feared: The Russian government is steering all affairs of the “separatist areas”  in the east of Ukraine.

Fake: Ukraine denied EU membership

The Russian website Dni.ru published a story entitled “Ukraine denied EU membership”.  Dni.ru’s source for this claim is an interview the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave the Dutch publication NU.nl. NU.nl asked Rutte the following question “Russia is also important when you are talking about stability at the external borders of Europe?” Rutte answered as follows: “I think that in the longer term Ukraine should develop a relationship with

Kadri Liik: How to talk with Russia

After Russia’s annexation of Crimea, many policymakers in Europe concluded that it had been a mistake to let Russia get away with the 2008 Georgian war. “We were not clear enough on Georgia, that’s why they moved to Ukraine,” was the gloomy conclusion. In all likelihood, similar conversations took place also in Moscow. “We were not clear enough in Georgia, that’s why they moved to Ukraine,” people would say, having

Russian Media Distorts Forbes Opinion Piece

Citing the Kharkiv InformationAgency,  Russian website Ukraina.ru published a story claiming that a Forbes columnist called Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv an economic black hole. The article in question is an opinion piece by Doug Bandow and as such does not reflect the official view of the Forbes editorial team but rather the personal opinion of the author. This is Bandow’s second opinion piece in Forbes and his main argument is

Peter B. Doran: Atlanticism under threat

An interview with Peter B. Doran, Vice President of Research at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). Interviewer: Wojciech Jakóbik WOJCIECH JAKÓBIK: Is Russia increasing its information warfare activity against NATO? PETER B. DORAN: We are witnessing the emergence of something new. Information warfare is creating a new kind of battle space. It is an emerging front similar to cyberwarfare. The bad news is that Russia has very sophisticated

Latvia Blocks Russian Sputnik Site As Kremlin ‘Propaganda Tool’

Latvian authorities shut down Russia’s pro-Kremlin news site Sputnik on March 29, calling it a “propaganda tool” and drawing an immediate rebuke from Moscow. Latvia’s local domain registry suspended Sputnik’s right to hold the news site Sputniknews.lv, which was established only a few weeks ago to reach out to Latvia’s large Russian-speaking minority with articles in Russian and Latvian. “We don’t regard Sputnik as a credible media source but as something

Moscow Police Banned From Discussing Work Matters on Social Media

Police officers in the Russian capital are now officially banned from exchanging work-related information on social networks and messaging apps. Law enforcement officials insist all internal communications should be done over secure networks using protected in-house tools. Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the official news outlet of the Russian government, reports that any and all information connected to the professional activity of Moscow law enforcement is now barred from social networks like VKontakte,

Russian Site Publishes Fake Ukrainian Finance Minister Letter

On March 26 the Russian site Ridus published what it claimed was a letter from Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko to US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. In the letter Jaresko asks Nuland to help postpone the Dutch referendum on the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine which is planned for April 6. Among the Russian websites that reprinted this story were Novostnoy Front, Narodnyi

Russian Censors Target Public Wi-Fi Spots in Crusade Against Blocked Websites

Russian censors have begun policing public wireless Internet in cafes, shopping malls and public libraries, in what they say is an effort to ensure ISPs are blocking websites that are officially banned in Russia. Roscomnadzor, the Russian state communications regulator, intends to find out how stringently the Internet providers in places with free Wi-Fi comply with the state’s demands to block certain websites and web pages, the agency’s spokesman, Vadim

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