Trump’s Russian connections and the “Cold War” inside the USA

Trump’s Russian connections and the “Cold War” inside the USA

Trump supporters are using blackmail tactics in the USA: even if he is really guilty of unlawful ties to the Kremlin, law enforcement bodies and congressmen should not bring the case to impeachment in order to avoid a “civil war,” and therefore one should turn a blind eye to the crimes, even if they are confirmed. The topic of Russia’s interference in the US elections has not lost its relevance

Why WikiLeaks works

By Edward Lucas, CEPA Russia’s hacking and leaking is proving a far more potent threat to our democracy than nuclear weapons. Why launch warheads when you can blow up a political system from inside? That is the message of the latest WikiLeaks “exposé” of CIA hacking tools. The truth is simple. Intelligence agencies conduct intelligence operations. There is a clue in the name. Western intelligence agencies spy on our adversaries—Russia,

The Daily Vertical: Russia’s Passport To Empire (Transcript)

By Brian Whitmore, RFE/RL We haven’t heard much about Novorossia lately. And Vladimir Putin’s concept of the Russian World has dropped out of the headlines. But that may all be about to change. Because two State Duma deputies, Konstantin Zatulin and Natalya Poklonskaya, have just introduced legislation that would grant Russian citizenship to any Russian speaker who lived in the Soviet Union. Yeah, you heard that right. And that’s not

The Social Media ‘Echo Chamber’ Powering Austria’s Far-Right

Some say Austria dodged a bullet last year. After an acrimonious year-long election campaign the Alpine nation elected Alexander Van der Bellen, a veteran Green Party politician, as president last December. He had a margin of 7.5 points over his far-right rival candidate, Norbert Hofer. With parliamentary elections in Austria due to be held before the end of 2018 there are signs that while the election did not secure the largely

A Cult Of Violence: Comics, Propaganda, And The Information War, Part I Read More: A Cult Of Violence: Comics And Propaganda, Part I

By John R. Parker, Comic Alliance As Russia and America circle each other in this rapidly evolving Cold War 2.0, combat is waged in multiple theaters: cyber war, spy war, proxy war, cultural war, and an information war fueled by a persistent flow of disinformation and propaganda that hijacks narratives and distorts reality. In this series of articles, John Parker examines the common spaces in the strange Venn diagram where

By exaggerating criticism of state institutions, we are assisting Russian propaganda – Mezviets

By exaggerating criticism of state institutions, we are playing into the hands of Russian propaganda activities in Latvia, Security Police Chief Normunds Mezviets told Latvian Television this morning writes LETA. He said that one of Russia’s propaganda tactics against Latvia is to spread information that Latvia is a failed and weak state, and an unsuccessful socio-economic experiment. Mezviets said that if society doubts everything state and local government institutions are

The Debunking Business is Booming

By Jim Kovpak, for StopFake Some readers are already aware of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s attempt to break into the fake news debunking business. It launched a few weeks prior to this writing and was a dismal failure. Rather than debunking actual fabricated news stories, the Foreign Ministry merely attached a Photoshop-made stamp to stories it deemed “fake,” including The New York Times’ story about the project itself.  Now it

This site is “taking the edge off rant mode” by making readers pass a quiz before commenting

  By Joseph Lichterman, NiemanLab Two weeks ago, NRKbeta, the tech vertical of the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, published an explainer about a proposed new digital surveillance law in the country. Digital security is a controversial topic, and the conversation around security issues can become heated. But the conversation in the comments of the article was respectful and productive: Commenters shared links to books and other research, asked clarifying questions,

Fake: Ukraine Has No Money for Eurovision 2017

Ukraine has no money to conduct the 2017 Eurovision song contest, Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda declared this week, citing Ukraine’s Culture Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk as its source, who allegedly said Ukraine had no money and proposed that European investors chip in and help. Ukraine’s supposed inability to organize and finance this year’s Eurovision is a favorite Russian disinformation topic that was launched almost immediately after Ukraine’s Jamala won

Despots are embracing Donald Trump’s ‘war on the media’ with open arms

Isaac Stone Fish, The Guardian George W Bush’s ‘war on terror’ gave cover to despots around the world – from China, to Turkey and Russia – for violent crackdowns of minority groups seeking greater freedoms. Once these groups were re-cast as ‘terrorists’, it was hard for the West to criticize the states that used heavy-handed tactics against them. Now, Washington DC has invented another ‘war’ that has regimes across the

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