Our reader says:

This is a good example of a cheap propaganda for people not speaking English and therefore not having access to the source of the news. There is information spreading that USA gave $5 billion to organize government overthrow. They also say this money was used to pay people to stay at Maydan.

For example this Facebook user says:

Stas Saveliev “ If you speak English and don’t trust Russian zombie TV and trust 5 Channel that is financed by an American agent Poroshenko watch this video”


Ok. I’v listened…and wrote down all of Victoria Nuland words. So, they should not change the meaning of what she said. Ukraine has governmental programs in cooperations with the USA:s cientific, technical, cultural, humanitarian and economic. They also help develop agriculture, democratic and human rights institutions. There are American Investment funds (for example Horizon Capital, Sigma Bleyzer). These funds are working here on the commercial basis and put money in Ukrainian businesses in order to develop, fix them (this includes full transparency, which means no black market schemes or money laundering) and potentially sell them. This is what Victoria Nuland meant saying “Since Ukraine’s independece in 1991 the United States have supported Ukrainians to build democratic skills and institutions as they promote civic participation and good governance, all of which are pre-conditions for Ukraine to achieve the European aspirations. We have invested over 5 bn dollars to assist Ukraine in these goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous democratic Ukraine”

Those who did not study English well in school, study now and stop spreading false information.