avianosec george bushWe called to our bases in Kerch and Feodosia. There are no NATO ships neither in the Black Sea or international waters. The sixth fleet, as it should be, is located in the Mediterranean Sea. And while the Ukrainian and Russian media are replicating photos of Aircraft carrier “George Bush”, our readers are asking if it is true, that “George Bush” enters into the Black Sea. Facebook page of the carrier announces that it is located in Greece. Head of the press service of the Ukrainian Navy Oleg Chubuk on the question about Ukrainian frigate ” Hetman Sagaidachny ” answered that it passed the Bosporus. But when we asked about “George Bush “, he said that he doesn’t know anything about it”.

Andrii Illarionov knows a bit more :

” In the U.S. Department of Defense there is planned raid of the vessel. The Pentagon reported that at present nuclear aircraft carrier “George Bush” carries his planned combat tour of duty in the Mediterranean and today entered the Aegean Sea. According to the report, crew of the vessel began their tour of duty on February 27 this year. According to the U.S. plans, aircraft carrier has to support in the area of ​​responsibility of the fifth and sixth America Navy fleets operations to guarantee safety at sea.

Journalist Jurij Butusov wrote in his Facebook that ” George Bush” entered the Aegean Sea and the Crimea and is located within range of its carrier-based aircraft.

Below we give an expert opinion, ex-captain of the U.S. Navy submarine, Stephen L. Szyszka Szyszka

“Oh, by the way, once and for all, PLEASE stop talking about the US sending an aircraft carrier into the Black Sea. Can not happen. Will not happen. There has never, ever, been an operational aircraft carrier, of ANY country, in the Black Sea, and there never will be.

First, it is ridiculous navigationally to have a ship the size of a carrier try to navigate the Bosporus.

Second, it is tactically stupid to put your capital ship in a landlocked lake, where it may be unable to freely maneuver out of harm’s way.

Third, it is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN by the Montreux Convention. And we actually try to abide by our international treaty obligations.

Fourth, it would be political suicide to send a floating nuclear power plant through that narrow strait against the will of Turkey, who stands to lose the most in the event of a grounding or other accident.

Finally, should we show resolve? Should we show our power? Sure. We can send other, smaller ships in. Our naval aviation can reach from the Aegean if necessary. There are other things we can and should, and maybe will, do. But PLEASE stop all of this nonsense about sending a NUCLEAR-POWERED AIRCRAFT CARRIER into the Black Sea.