In a Russian city of Novocherkask during the protest in support of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine a very well-known “barnstormer” gave a speech. She was seen at the pro-Russian protests in Kharkiv, Seveastopol and Kyiv. The woman addressed from the stage and introduced herself as a ‘refuge from Donetsk’’ and told the story how she was “running away in the middle of the night”. Her performance was shown on the Russian Channel 1.


«Just last night, trying to get through, I could say in horrible conditions, we basically ran away from Donetsk. It was very painful”, – said the woman from the stage.
As StopFake informed earlier, this “barnstormer” in the role of “Odessa resident” performed in Sevastopol and was asking Russia for help

And a few days prior to that the woman, wrapped in a Russian flag demonstrated her oratorical talent at the protest in Kharkiv.


This emotional blond-hair woman was seen earlier in February in Kyiv. She was wearing a T-shirt of a “soldier’s mother” and symbols of the Party of Regions and was going to the barricades on Hrushevskoho street. As media informed then, together with this woman one more representative of the Party of regions was performing the role of the “soldier’s mother”, who actually doesn’t have a son.



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