A video is being spread in social networks claiming Zaporozhye authorities banned celebration of the Victory Day on the 9th of May.


“One veteran has arranged a personal Victory Day parade in Zaporozhye today despite the Nazi junta and its allies forbidding doing so. The people at the bus station are applauding the old man! He is being followed by an honor escort of cyclists to prevent provocations”, says the author of the video.

The video is original, but its description is untrue. In reality the veteran was indeed returning from the celebration of the Victory Day in Zaporozhye.


Here are more pictures from the celebration:

Запорожье_1 Запорожье_2 Запорожье_3

It was from this celebration that the veteran was returning. He was followed by cyclists from the Zaporozhye self-defence to prevent any provocations.


Source: veliss.livejournal.com.