On 21st of March, online version of newspaper “Izvestia” published an article titled with the supposed quotation of Kyiv Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama artistic director Michail Reznikovich. “Separation of Crimea – is absolutely natural process”.


However, Reznikovich denied the words attributed to him and wrote the letter to the newspaper “Izvestia”, as well as the letter to the theater audience. Both letters were later published on the website of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

“The phrase in the headline taken out of my phone dialogue with a reporter of Moscow newspaper “Izvestia” about the natural process of separation of Crimea – not true! “- He says in the letter to the audience.


He is outraged that the title used the phrase out of context, and it was not said literally. Thus, according to him, the journalist perverted meaning of what he was saying.

“I could not say that, even because I do not comment political events since 2005, the time when the government wanted to destroy our theater, ” – he wrote in a letter to the theater audience.

He also mentioned the possible consequences of such fake story.

“You are contributing to the tense atmosphere that exists between our two countries. This could jeopardize our trip to St. Petersburg. If you wanted this to happen, you have reached your goal, “- he said in the letter to the editors of “Izvestia”.