In Donbass Russian propagandists want to make a Ukrainian Srebrenica, but nothing works for #Russia. The Kremlin authorities are trying to reveal so-called mass graves, which were allegedly left behind by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They call it a “genocide of the civilian population”. Russia is unsuccessfully proving to the EU that the Ukrainian army should be held accountable in The Hague for such war crimes. Putin and Lavrov dream of a NATO contingent in #Donbass. That’s why Russia organized a search for “killed civilians” to make up a story about “ethnic cleansing” in Luhansk, #Donetsk, ATO.

“DPR” and “LPR” decided to “swallow fresh air” and break into Russian markets. Thus, they believe, the integration of Donbass and Russia will allow them to “change their lives”. But, instead of having a really decent life, the residents of #ORDLO under the Russian occupation of Donbass can only receive humanitarian aid.

  • 00:00 StopFake News
  • 00:19 Russian mass media about “ethnic cleansing” in Donbass
  • 03:02 Kremlin agents about “mass graves” in Donbass
  • 05:30 “Ukrainian” Srebrenica
  • 06:40 Putin’s decree for “DNR” and “LNR”
  • 08:05 Skabeeva “60 minutes” about Donbass