Vice video made on the next day after the referendum shows a woman who they called Elena Danilchenko. She gives a very emotional comment about the situation.


“I already said that they have bitten off more than they can chew: all 28 countries of the EU and that shitty America. We wont let them. We are all Russians. We have the same roots, same history, the same troubles and the same victories. Our genes are Russian. We are holy orthodox Russia”.

Our readers already know this activist by the roles of “resident of Kiev”, “soldier’s mother”, “resident of Odessa”, “resident of Kharkiv”, “participant of Antimaydan”, and “refugee from Donetsk”. In the previous posts she was either blond or wearing a hat. But we can recognize our old friend by her face and voice.

You can watch Vice video here:

To compare, the following is a video of her previous roles:

In one of them, where she is an activist for “Clean Kiev” demonstration, she even called herself Elena Danilchenko – same as in the new video.


She does not prefer to stay anonymous, however, she is changing her hair color.