The Russian REN-TV channel covered a story about Yuliya Kolish, a female employee of the Zhytomyr regional state administration, who survived the invasion of the Right Sector’s “armed bandits” during the active phase of Euromaidan.

The TV spot tells that Kolish stood up on the streets of Kiev to defend the portraits of the killed “Berkut” police officers. These portraits were allegedly supposed to be destroyed by the members of the Rights Sector. Perhaps, this heroic deed was the reason why the woman was invited to tell about other ‘brutalities’ of the Euromaidan supporters.

According to the voice off, “She worked as a lawyer in the regional state administration when the armed bandits came. Now she knows firsthand what anarchy and riots are like.”

Kolish herself says that the people who broke in “were crushing the furniture, taking away belongings and documents. They crippled the whole office and rifled the safes.” The pictures of the destroyed office and splattered walls are shown to the audience while she speaks.

In truth, however, these pictures have nothing to do with the Zhytomyr regional state administration. These are the pictures of the local Zhytomyr office of the Communist party that was attacked by the unknown eight days after the events in the regional state administration.

Kolish further explains that the attackers intended to burn down the office of the state administration. They only reason they did not do it was because the office is located on the fifth floor of the ‘Ukraine’ hotel, and other people could therefore suffer.

In reality, however, the regional state administration has no connection with the ‘Ukraine’ hotel as it is located in a different building and street. In addition, the fifth floor of the hotel is occupied by the office of the Party of Regions.

In response to an enquiry from the media outlet, the staff department of regional state administration advised they had no records of the employee registered as Yuliya Kolish.

The details of the rebuttal can found in a cover by

Besides, conspicuous is the fact that the TV spot by REN TV names the supporters of Euromaidan just as unprincipled bandits and pogrom-makers who want to destroy everything around. At the same time, the people involved in the current events in the Eastern Ukraine are shown in such covers just as “supporters of the federalization” fighting for their rights. With that no discussion is made at all by the Russian media with regards to either the mass seizure of the administration buildings or availability of the heavy armament.