A Russian media outlet Pravda.ru published a piece of news on May 9 with the headline “Banderovits attacked the veterans and burned the ribbons of Saint George in Lviv”. An alleged assault upon the bus full of veterans was reported, calling upon the readers whether Russia needs Europe (since Lviv considers itself a European city) with such a level of culture.


A video of clashes is provided by the website to support its claim.


However, tons of similar videos can be found on YouTube which were uploaded right after the clashes at the Hill of Glory three years ago in 2011.

The “not very fresh” origin of the video is also proven by the numbers of the shuttle buses that were used to transport the veterans. Thus, at 3:12 of this video one can see the people transported by bus 77 “University-Tub-dispensary”. Shuttle buses 95 “Shchurata-Airport” and 47 “Santa-Barbara-Railway station” can also be noticed.


These routes have been out of use in Lviv for several years now, as there is a new transport network operating in the city since January1, 2012.

Adapted from: Vgolos.