Ukrainian media falsely reported that Chilean students protested against the poor quality of the country’s educational system with Ukrainian national flags as the symbol of revolution.

On May 29, Joinfo and Depo both reported that the Ukrainian flag was seen in Chile during the demonstrations, and the following day the news was reposted by and The photos were also actively spread around social networks. website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot website screenshot

In fact, the Chilean students did not use the Ukrainian flag. It appears that the protesters with yellow and blue flags were carrying the flags of their school Manuel Barros Borgoño. They protested with similar colors in 2013. website screenshot website screenshot

Yellow and blue are also the colors of some Chilean educational institutions, regions (including Santiago), coats of arms, and, importantly, the main student association that organized the protest, the Asamblea Coordinadora Estudiantes Secundarios (АCES).


Stopfake has not yet managed to get a comment from the organizers about the flags used at the protest. But there is nothing whatsoever about Ukraine in ACES’ posts on social networks concerning the recent protests.